Here’s How You Can Destroy Your Friends at Tony Hawk – THPS 1+2 Combo Guide

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With the Warehouse Level Demo for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 out, now is the perfect time to hone your skating skills before the full game releases on September 4. That being said, here’s the THPS 1+2 Combo Guide on how to obliterate your friends in Tony Hawk!

Know the Buttons

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 brings subtle but significant changes to the THPS formula. Like a fighting game, mashing random buttons can get you quite a decent score if you’re lucky. For the best results, however, you’ll want to know what you’re pressing, as letting your tricks assimilate into the environment is the key to getting great combo multipliers. For the most part, the controls are similar to the previous entries, but here’s a refresher:

  • Cross is to Ollie
  • Square is to Flip
  • Circle is to Grab
  • Triangle is to Grind, Wallride and Lip
  • R2 is to Revert
  • L2 is to set up a Nollie/ Fakie
  • Up + Down is to Manual,
  • Down + Up is to Nose Manual

Combos 101: The Main Components

This THPS 1+2 Combo Guide will explain the importance of Flips, Grabs, Specials, Grinds, and Manuals and where to use them.

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Like real-life skateboarding, Flips are the key essence to stylish skating. The command prompt is “Jump -> Any Directional Input + Square”. Basic up, down, left, right inputs will have the skater do basic flips like kickflips and pop shuv-its, while diagonal inputs will lead to more complicated flips like the Varial.

If you have air time, doing multiple flips in a single trick is a great way to rack up points. Not only does it increase your base point value, but it also adds to your combo multiplier which greatly adjusts your final score. Flips are great tricks to fill in between your transfers, as they have low animation frames and pose little threat to screwing up your combos.


Grabs are another set of key components to stylish skateboarding. The command prompt is “Jump -> Any Directional Input + Circle”. They mostly share the same qualities with flips, with the exception that they yield higher base scores to match the duration of the grab. It’s a great option to consider when you’re gaining a lot of airtime, if you can’t do a Special.

tony hawk pro skater 1+2


Specials are slightly complicated inputs that require you to fill up your special meter beforehand. Once the yellow bar is full, you can do a slightly complicated flip, grab, or grind input to execute an extremely high scoring special.

While basic tricks net you around 300-1,000 base points, specials give you a massive 6,000-10,000 base points. Following up on them with combos are sure to skyrocket your score past the ceiling.

Combos 101: Connecting the Dots


Grinding on the map rails or other surfaces are great ways to get around the map without cutting off your combo. As you’re approaching the top of a rail, or a suspiciously prominent edge, hit Triangle to grind. Once again, directional inputs will change the type of grinds you do, with a neutral input leading to a “50-50”.

thps 1+2 combo guide grind

Grinding requires players to horizontally balance the skater by keeping the balance meter from swaying too far off one end. If you’re on a rail, swaying too far off either end will cause you to fall and ruin your combo. If you’re grinding on the edge of a vert, you have a safety net. This is because swaying off to the side of the vert simply cuts you off your combo without breaking it. If you’re drastically losing balance, simply throw yourself off to the safe side.

In previous games, you can effortlessly switch between grinds in a single go. In 1+2 however, that ability is severely nerfed with the player needing to make a double-directional input mid-grind. This tempts the player to risk upsetting the balance meter for a higher combo multiplier. If you’ve mastered the balancing act, go for it!


Reverts are something introduced in THPS4. Upon coming down onto a vert, players can quickly tap R2, which switches the skater’s position and giving a brief time frame to extend their combos. These need to be followed up with Manuals or Nose Manuals.

Manuals/ Nose Manuals

Like grinds, these are perfect ways to get around the map without breaking your combo. They have a vertical balance bar, and failing to maintain the balance will break the combo.

It comes at the cost of speed, as staying in a manual too long makes the skater slower and causes the balance bar to fluctuate wildly.

However, also like grinds, you can cheese out on combo multipliers but switching up your manuals in a single go. Pressing R2 mid-manual switches up your manual into a nose manual and vice versa. It’s not as stylish, and it’s pretty cheap, but it does rake in those high-score points.

Tony Hawk was one of THE PS1 party games back in the day, so we’re really glad to see it make a comeback with full force with this remaster! Players would share a single screen and sit next to each other on the couch and try to out-score each other with grinds, flips, and grabs. Often, it was just like playing a fighting game; mashing random buttons, and hoping for the best. Therefore, we hope you found this THPS 1+2 Combo Guide useful!


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