This Year’s Golden Bullet Wasn’t Even From A Bullet

by Daniel
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Season 4 of the Malaysia Singapore (MY/SG) regional PUBG Mobile Pro League event was host to some of the most spectacular plays in the history of PUBG Mobile. The PMPL SEA website held a voting event for the best play of the season, aptly named “Golden Bullet”.  While it has since mysteriously disappeared from the website without announcing any winners, SEAGM has decided to go ahead and congratulate the most voted play anyways.

The Golden Bullet award for PMPL MY/SG Season 4 goes to none other than Azim Haris, otherwise known as Dep. More specifically for his amazing, possibly once-in-a-lifetime career play of getting a pan kill that led to a Chicken Dinner. In Match 3 of Super Weekend 3 Day 3, the situation boiled down to a 2v1 situation where S9HahaDep needed to face off against TSKiD5MX (Kid) and TSiSHOTzMX (iSHOTz). Shortly after managing to knock down Kid, Dep had to pay close attention to the supply drop where iSHOTz was taking cover. Somehow, Dep manages to throw his “pan” at meticulous timing to hit iSHOTz and land the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner kill for Match 3 of SW3D3.

Everyone is Hyped over the Pan Kill

The team’s reaction was in a heated uproar, as seen in their analyst’s, Soultannn1, Tiktok video. The ambience and overall vibe seen in the clip is a joyous one.

This play went on to garner 16,000++ votes on the voting page, which blew the competition out of the water.

golden bullet mysg season 4

This screenshot was taken on October 13th, and unfortunately does not include the top half which shows the plays of SEM9.GANK Dep and Farang Lejund Adik Luq.

Other plays that were on the voting page included:

  • Farang Lejund: Adik Luq
  • Team SMG: Bard
  • Farang Lejund: Helton
  • Team Secret: Kid
  • VXM FANX: Clamity

It’s a little hard to digest, even the biggest PUBG Mobile streamers couldn’t believe it.

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