[UPDATE] Dota 2 The International 10 Main Event Highlights and Results

by Bradley Tan
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The International 10 group stage are done and dusted and we’re off to the main stage. Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD finished at the top of their respective groups.

After a year plus of online tournaments, teams playing at a Lan tournament is definitely refreshing. If the main event is twice as exciting as the group stages it will definitely be a fun tournament.


One thing we’ve learned about this year’s TI is that every team are equal and they all have a chance to win the Aegis. For one, there have been several surprises and exciting games we got to watch. Team Aster defeated OG in the group stage, PSG.LGD has been solid throughout and a wonderful Aegis steal from ChYuan against Team Secret. It’s exciting to see what else is in store for us at The International 10.


TI 10 Final Day Bracket

Can OG be a 3-peat team? Will PSG.LGD finally get their revenge and win the Aegis this year? Or will there be an unexpected win from T1 or IG? Anything can happen at tournaments, even in e-sports tournaments.

Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of The International 10 Main Event started out with a big bang with the Invictus Gaming and Team Spirit game. Team Spirit shocked the world in Game 1 of the series and IG came back the next two games to move on to the next round of the upper bracket. It was a grueling and intense game for sure and we enjoyed every moment of it.

The next game was OG vs Team Secret. To everyone’s surprise, OG was completely shut down by Puppey and his Team Secret. Even going as far as ending game to with 5-42.

The lower bracket was a joy to watch as well.  The teams fought in a 1-game series and all the teams brought their A-game.

Fnatic and Undying had a great battle. Quincy Crew came back from behind to defeat Team Aster. After a hard fought battle, Alliance are moving forward to the next round after defeating beastcoast. Evil Geniuses shuts down the the superstar team of Elephant, who have yet to find their footing as a team.

All the games were a joy to watch and TI10 is just starting.

Day 2

PSG.LGD took on South East Asia giants, T1 in an epic 3 Game Series. Both sides played really well with several crazy team fight moments. At the end, T1 was dropped to the lower brackets after a 2-1 defeat.

The next game was another great game with Virtus.Pro and Vici Gaming and it was another 3 Game series.

Both teams played really well, but at the 2nd half of the second game VG’s momentum slowly slipped and VP managed to capitalize on them with an impressive win.

VG drops to the lower bracket while Virtus.Pro moves to the next round in the upper brackets where they will meet PSG.LGD next.

The 3rd game of the day was Team Spirit vs Fnatic where it was a fairly easy win for the team. Though there were great moments for Fnatic, but it was not enough. The popular South East Asia team was eliminated by Team Spirit, 2-0

The last game of Day 2 was OG and Quincy Crew. This game… is just wow.

It had the action, the drama and OG looking like they came back for revenge after what had happened with them and Team Secret at the upper bracket.

Topson and SumaiL both stepped up and did amazingly well in their roles. OG would go on to win 2-0.

At the end of the 2nd match, SumaiL’s brother, YawaR/ YS wrote in the chat box, “GG gl lil bro” and the entire Dota 2 community have been catching the feels.


The International 10 Main Event Day 3

Day 3 was fun. We got to see T1, South East Asia’s champion defend their position and win the second round of the lower brackets against Alliance. It was a dominating game by T1  and the they completely shutdown both the stars of Alliance, S4 and Nikobaby.

The next game we saw VICI Gaming take on Evil Geniuses. It was another master class performance by both teams. Game 1 went convincingly to Evil Geniuses but VICI Gaming bounced back in the next two. It was intense in the first two games but in the third game, EG had no answers to VG.

Next was Team Secret vs Invictus Gaming. This game was not a close match but it sure was intense. Team Secret had all the answers to IG and they showed no mercy. It’s been a long time coming and it sure looks like they will be a major problem for PSG.LGD. They’re looking like they’ll just win it all. So, this is what happens when you get Puppey and his team angry.

Team Secret won 2-0.

Finally, the game we’ve all been waiting for. PSG.LGD vs Virtus.Pro. Two teams that have been major favourites throughout the tournament finally meet.

As great teams perform the first game went convincingly in PSG.LGD’s favour with a comfortable 24K Gold net worth lead while VP were struggling to get their footing.

The next game was also a barn burner but VP again had no answer to the onslaught they were facing against PSG.LGD.

The International 10 Day 4

Holy Gaben, what a day it was for TI10. For one, Team Spirit didn’t just take out one super team but two.

Team Spirit’s first match was against the defending, two-time TI champions, OG where they easily demolished them. Something no one would have saw coming. Collapses’ Magnus has become a sight to see, one of the plays involved Magnus pushing SumaiL Tiny into Spirit’s fountain for the kill, and OG had no answer to the team fights. And with that, OG falls 0-2 to Team Spirit.

VICI Gaming vs T1 was a real spectacle as both teams fought hard to knock the other out of the tournament. However, VICI Gaming was the victor after a hard fought gauntlet.

The last game of the day was Team Spirit vs Virtus.Pro. Coming into this series, many would have thought that Virtus.Pro would be eliminated. But, Team Spirit showed why they were the teams who knocked out the two time champions. The first game was won quite convincingly by Team Spirit.

But in the second game, Virtus.Pro may have found an answer and completely shuts down Collapse’s Tide Hunter.

Coming into the 3rd, with both teams tied 1-1, Team Spirit showed how good they were when it comes to team fights. One by one Virtus.Pro falls until the end they called GG. Team Spirit moves on to the Top 4 where they will meet either VICI Gaming or Invictus Gaming tomorrow.

Day 5

The International 10 is almost coming to a close and what a tournament it has been. It’s safe to say that it’s well worth the wait for this year’s TI. From the rise of Team Spirit to the dominance of PSG.LGD and not to mention the Team Secret wall has been stable through out the tournament.

The day started with Invictus Gaming taking on VICI Gaming in the lower brackets and after 2 hard fought games, IG was victorious in the series and moved on to the semi finals of the lower bracket where they will eventually meet with Team Spirit.

The main highlight of this game was Emo and the boys at Invictus Gaming leaving out the Aegis. We thought they wanted a more challenging game but according to Oli, here’s what actually happened.

The next game, PSG.LGD looked rocky at the start but after 5 minutes or so, Ame’s Tiny became a monster. It was chaos and destruction all over Team Secret’s wall and it came crumbling down in Game 1. Game 2 was close at first but LGD managed to maintain composure and they started winning the team fights and shutting down Matumbaman. After 2 games, PSG.LGD moves on to the Grand Final of TI10 and not to mention, we might have the second Malaysian to win TI10.

The third game of the day was a barn burner between the underdogs that wiped out Virtus.Pro and OG yesterday against Invictus Gaming. Both teams went neck and neck but as time passed on and Team Spirit got more farms, Yatoro and his boys managed to pick out Invictus Gaming one by one, winning almost every team fights in both games. In fact, the second game, Yatoro’s Drow Ranger managed to get 2 Rampage in a game. Now, we guess everyone would start using Drow Ranger as a carry hero.

Tomorrow, 3 teams will battle it out for the Immortal Aegis. Team Spirit, Team Secret and PSG.LGD, who do you think will win it all?

Final Day Recap

What a day! It’s filled with passion, drama and a whole ton of Dota 2 competition at its finest. Let’s dive in to the first game.

Team Spirit vs Team Secret

At this point, many were already happy with Team Spirits performance and have given praised to the underdogs for coming so far in the tournament. Even we thought Team Secret would wipe them easily. How wrong all of us were. To be fair, we should have seen it coming though.

Team Spirit showed why they were a team to be feared. Team Spirit’s offlaner, and possibly the MVP of TI10, Collapse did extremely well supporting Yatoro. It was a very close Game 1 and Game 2. Going in to Game 3, it was anybody’s game. But 15 to 20minutes in, it was all Team Spirit. They started picking the Secret Wall apart until it crumbled. In fact, at such a high level game and the Lower Bracket finals we never thought we would get to see a Rampage, ever. But, Yatoro managed to kill all 5 of Team Secret to secure a Rampage.

Team Secret’s wall collapses in TI10 with a hard fought series of 2-1, Team Spirit.

Team Spirit vs PSG.LGD

Next was the Grand Finals. What a finals it has been. Possibly one of the best stories going in to the finals, and the best games fans got to witness.

It was a convincing 2-0 lead for Team Spirit, which was a surprise because PSG.LGD was the huge favourites going into the finals, they were the team to beat.

Then, in Game 3, LGD got angry and showed why they have been the Group Stage leaders and the Upper Bracket champion. Going all out, they dominated Team Spirit. At the end of Game 4, you could see in the player’s cam that Team Spirit felt really uneasy. Ame, NothingToSay and the rest of PSG.LGD were picking them apart with ease.

The series would eventually be tied 2-2.

Going in to the 5th and final game, the draft was more competitive. LGD went with their creation, the signature Tiny and Lycan combo. The near flawless combo duo. However, in came Team Spirit’s specialties. Collapse Magnus and Yatoro’s tanky Terrorblade. It was a close 10minutes. Then it just went down hill for PSG.LGD.

Team Spirit started to dominate every team fight and their wards placement were million dollars which won them the game, the series and the Aegis.

What a run is has been for Team Spirit. They smoked OG, Virtus.Pro, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret and now, PSG.LGD.

Congratulations Team Spirit, with such a performance, you guys deserved it.


Twitch:  Main Channel


Twitch:  Main Channel

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