The International 10 Group Stage Guide and Results

by Bradley Tan
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The International 10 is finally here and after 2 years since TI9! It feels great to get into the mood of The International season once more.


This year there were quite a few surprises in the season leading up to TI10. For one, OG almost didn’t make it. The two time TI champions had to battle it out at the Western Europe Qualifiers. They even had a somewhat trying time facing against Tundra Esports. This year’s TI, we’ll also get to see a somewhat new PSG.LGD team, and a highly motivated Evil Geniuses (EG). These two teams that have been doing consistently well throughout the year.

TI10 Prize Pool

The total prize pool is about $40,018,195 (RM 167,336,082).

Another surprise is that kuroKy and his boys at Team Nigma as well as the formidable Team Liquid did not qualify TI career. As a fan of the Dota scene, it’s quite sad that we won’t get to see Miracle and Mind Control go ham on players this year. But, like what Mushi said in our recent interview, it’s different because of the pandemic and online tournaments, some may not have been used to the new system. So, we shall see in the next TI if it’ll be as exciting as ever.

It was also announced that this year’s TI will not have a crowd. So, to some teams, the crowd factor may be an issue, or it may not be.

As this is a brand new era of TI, it’ll be exciting to see how the teams perform and how they overcome obstacles that they may not be used to.

TI10 Groups

Image via Valve; Dota 2

Live Streams


Twitch:  Main Channel |  Stream #2 |  Stream #3 |  Stream #4 |  Stream #5


Twitch:  Main Channel |  Stream #2 |  Stream #3 |  Stream #4 | Stream #5

Without further ado, here is the schedule and results of the Group Stage:

Dota 2 TI10 Schedule and Result Day 1

3:00 PM GMT+82Evil GeniusesvsTeam Aster0
3:00 PM GMT+82Invictus GamingvsT10
3:00 PM GMT+82Virtus.ProvsUndying0
3:00 PM GMT+82OGvsAlliance0
5:00 PM GMT+82Team SecretvsTeam Spirit0
5:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsQuincy Crew0
5:00 PM GMT+82ElephantvsBeastcoast0
5:00 PM GMT+81Vici GamingvsFnatic1
7:00 PM GMT+81Invictus GamingvsUndying1
7:00 PM GMT+82OGvsThunder Predator0
7:00 PM GMT+82Virtus.ProvsAlliance0
7:00 PM GMT+82Evil GeniusesvsT10
9:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsTeam Spirit0
9:00 PM GMT+81ElephantvsFnatic1
9:00 PM GMT+82Vici GamingvsSG Esports0
9:00 PM GMT+80Team SecretvsBeastcoast2
11:00 PM GMT+80Evil GeniusesvsInvictus Gaming2
11:00 PM GMT+81Virtus.ProvsOG1
11:00 PM GMT+80Team AstervsUndying2
11:00 PM GMT+82AlliancevsThunder Predator0

Day 2

3:00 PM GMT+81PSG.LGDvsTeam Secret1
3:00 PM GMT+80ElephantvsVici Gaming2
3:00 PM GMT+81Quincy CrewvsBeastcoast1
3:00 PM GMT+80FnaticvsSG Esports2
5:00 PM GMT+80OGvsTeam Aster2
5:00 PM GMT+80Virtus.ProvsT12
5:00 PM GMT+81Evil GeniusesvsAlliance1
5:00 PM GMT+82Invictus GamingvsThunder Predator0
7:00 PM GMT+80ElephantvsTeam Spirit2
7:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsFnatic0
7:00 PM GMT+82Team SecretvsSG Esports0
7:00 PM GMT+82Vici GamingvsQuincy Crew0
9:00 PM GMT+82Invictus GamingvsVirtus.Pro0
9:00 PM GMT+81Team AstervsAlliance1
9:00 PM GMT+82OGvsT10
9:00 PM GMT+82UndyingvsThunder Predator0
11:00 PM GMT+81Team SecretvsElephant1
11:00 PM GMT+81Quincy CrewvsFnatic1
11:00 PM GMT+82BeastcoastvsSG Esports0
11:00 PM GMT+82Vici GamingvsTeam Spirit0

Day 3

3:00 PM GMT+81Evil GeniusesvsOG1
3:00 PM GMT+80Team AstervsT12
3:00 PM GMT+82UndyingvsAlliance0
3:00 PM GMT+82Virtus.ProvsThunder Predator0
5:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsVici Gaming0
5:00 PM GMT+80Quincy CrewvsTeam Spirit2
5:00 PM GMT+81BeastcoastvsFnatic1
5:00 PM GMT+81ElephantvsSG Esports0
7:00 PM GMT+81OGvsUndying1
7:00 PM GMT+82Invictus GamingvsTeam Aster0
7:00 PM GMT+82T1vsAlliance0
7:00 PM GMT+82Evil GeniusesvsThunder Predator0
9:00 PM GMT+81Vici GamingvsBeastcoast1
9:00 PM GMT+82Team SpiritvsFnatic0
9:00 PM GMT+82Team SecretvsQuincy Crew0
9:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsSG Esports0
11:00 PM GMT+80Evil GeniusesvsVirtus.Pro2
11:00 PM GMT+81Invictus GamingvsAlliance0
11:00 PM GMT+80T1vsUndying0
11:00 PM GMT+82Team AstervsThunder Predator0

Day 4

3:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsElephant0
3:00 PM GMT+82Quincy CrewvsSG Esports0
3:00 PM GMT+82Team SpiritvsBeastcoast0
3:00 PM GMT+80Team SecretvsFnatic2
5:00 PM GMT+81Invictus GamingvsOG1
5:00 PM GMT+82Virtus.ProvsTeam Aster0
5:00 PM GMT+82T1vsThunder Predator0
5:00 PM GMT+81Evil GeniusesvsUndying0
7:00 PM GMT+82PSG.LGDvsBeastcoast0
7:00 PM GMT+80ElephantvsQuincy Crew2
7:00 PM GMT+82Team SpiritvsSG Esports0
7:00 PM GMT+80Vici GamingvsTeam Secret2

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