The Escapists 2 Multiplayer Brand New Trailer

by Sammy Chan
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Team 17’s Jimmy Locke, an inmate at the Rattlesnake Springs, live-tweeted as he stole sheriff uniform from the laundry room and disguised himself to break into the control room and well, Jimmy is in solitary now but he thought it was totally worth it since he managed to snag a top-secret file revealing The Escapist 2 Multiplayer trailer!

Prison Break With Friends

For the first time the game will let you get in and get out of prison with up to four players either in co-op or versus modes and for the couch buddies, the game is also offering split screen.
The game will offer up to 300 different character customization for players and on top of that, an upgraded multi-level prison, more items and a new crafting system to bring you more ways to break out of prison. The combat system has also been revamped to let you lock on to your targets, block incoming attacks and choose between performing a light or heavy attack.
The release date has yet to be announced but the game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch and the only detail we have is that it will this year.
Check out this hour-long gameplay featuring the multiplayer mode.

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