Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Revealed

by Sammy Chan
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Final Fantasy Dissidia NT was release to the world not a day ago. If you’re familiar with the Dissidia Series by Square Enix, it is a relatively old brawler game series set in the Final Fantasy universe with a three-character battle system.
The fighter line up in this installment will include characters spanning 30 years of FF games, all equipped with their own style of Final Fantasy Flashy. From characters like Cloud Strife of FFVII to today’s Noctis Caelum from FFXV. The line up does not exclude antagonists, so expect a lot of epic battles.

Fresh Smell Of New Things

According to the trailer, the gameplay looks much more dramatic and eye-pleasing compared to the previous installments. With new skills for your favorite characters as well as their signature moves, brawling just got a lot more intense.
The camera seems to be fixed in a third person point of view, giving you the perfect view to watch your combos unravel and your most powerful skills explode out of the screen.
But pretty graphics and familiar voices are not all you can expect from the new Dissidia– There’s going to be a story mode!
The story mode will revolve around Materia, the Goddess of Machinery as well as Spiritus, the God of Destruction. Both characters who are seen most clearly in the trailer.

Which begs the questions: Who are we fighting for? These two are at each other’s throats, if you haven’t noticed. This is what brings about the role-playing aspect of the Final Fantasy games into a fighting game genre. Because what’s FF without some RP, right?
My guess is that players will get to pick sides, unlocking one side of the story before the other. Of course, don’t take my word for it.
The Square Enix booth at E3 will be giving out samples of gameplay!
But the official release of the game will be on the 31st December 2017. Sad.
Check out the trailer:



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