The Digital Payment Solution Expert With Trusted Security

by Uma M.
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The digital payment solution expert with trusted security for gamers is none other than SEAGM. With 35 payment partners and over 250 online and offline payment methods, the gaming e-commerce platform is well established. Also, it accepts payment in 51 local currencies. In addition, SEAGM has 11 million active users and over 4.2 million registered users globally.

Leading gaming e-commerce platform

As a leading gaming e-commerce platform, SEAGM supports gaming publishers as their marketing partner.  SEAGM localizes payment methods so publishers are able to have their product accessible to the world’s market. SEAGM has a platform that runs on an easy-to-use UI with multi-language support and provides extensive payment methods. In consequence, the company sells a magnitude of digital products such as games (mobile games, PC games, console, PlayStation, etc.). Adding to that are also the various game cards,  direct gaming top up options as well as mobile recharge. Since the digital payment methods of e-wallets and payment through merchants have gained increasing traction in recent years, SEAGM has evolved along with this development.

Online gamers value the speed and convenience of paying with local payment methods and e-wallets. In line with this trend, SEAGM offers many regional payment methods, offered across multiple consumer channels. Additionally, the leading digital e-commerce platform secures card acquiring of all major payment systems (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). SEAGM accommodates major currency transactions through several established payment merchants that operate in a fully compliant environment.

Another method SEAGM provides is with Neosurf payment. Neosurf Prepaid is a simple, secure, easy and convenient way of paying safely on the internet, without the need to enter sensitive bank account or credit card. As such, there is no need to register or provide personal information as user’s Neosurf prepaid will be ready for immediate use.

SEAGM’s emphasis on safety and security

SEAGM places high focus in ensuring the safety for all its users and constantly enforces security checks on its platform system to avoid potential cyber threats. Hence, SEAGM’s payment gateway facilitates an omnichannel payment process for consumers. Hence, combining global acquiring capabilities, numerous payment methods, proprietary risk management technologies, and customizable products within a single, seamless integration.

As a safe and trusted platform, every transaction that goes through via its site is secure. Since its first establishment in 2007 in Perak Malaysia, SEAGM has evolved quickly. The company has held the MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) status since 2014. Therefore, it is no surprise how quickly SEAGM has grown globally, emerging from a small business, to a leading digital platform service provider today.

High quality business provider

As a result of these tight security measures against potential cyber threats, SEAGM has recorded an applaudable conversion and fraud metrics. Coupled with the employment of rule based and AI fraud management tools to mitigate risk, the average fraud rate is as low as 0.4%. With regards to the conversion rate, it consistently exceeds above 50%, which is above the industry ecommerce platform.

SEAGM provides everything essential – high-quality service paired with an easy-to-use system and favorable payment terms. Its payment services comes with special consideration for the unique aspects of the online gaming industry. This is indeed the best solution for those who want to run a business in this sphere effectively. Furthermore, the user experience is also not limited to the consumer alone. SEAGM ensures merchants enjoy excellent user experience as well, enabling clients to configure the settings and customize the parameters of proprietary products and technologies. For more updates on SEAGM, kindly follow the SEAGM News Centre. Furthermore, the SEAGM social media accounts can be found at: Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

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