Teamfight Tactics – League of Legends’ Auto Chess

by Sammy Chan
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Riot is aiming to join the autobattler genre with Teamfight Tactics – it’s up and coming new game. At a glance, Dota Auto Chess seems the be the inspiring factor here behind Teamfight Tactics. This new game mode will be added to the existing League of Legends client. It’s completely free to play but of course, you can spend on cosmetics if you wish to.

What the board looks like! (Source: Riot Games)

What is Teamfight Tactics?

If you’ve been playing Dota Auto Chess, you probably have a rough idea of what the game is going to be like. Basically, you’ll be earning gold and then using them to buy new characters. Then, it’s up to you to place them on the board. Once it begins, players will no longer be able to control the pieces, they will become automated. The last team standing wins the match.

Even though fans are jeering more than cheering over this game, it’s important to point out several different features it has in comparison to its inspiration. For example, instead of a traditional chess board, Riot opted for a hexagonal board in TFT. Plus, damage dealing is going to happen every round. They are also charging gold for for bench spots, you’re going to have to invest n space if you want to upgrade. Next, their very own unique feature, is Shared Draft. Players will be selecting from a pool of free heroes every two rounds. This gives lower health players a chance for comeback since eventually they get to go first.

Oh and TFT also has cute Little Legends that will be your avatar. The first Little Legend can be unlocked for free after playing a few games. Additional avatars can be purchased from the store for 750 RP. You can also dress them up in different cosmetics for 490 RP! These Little Legends will continue to level up as you play. As they grow, their appearance changes as well.

Little Legend’s growth (Source: Riot Games)

When can start playing?

Teamfight Tactics will be coming to your League of Legends client in two weeks alongside patch 9.13. Mark your calendar for June 25, 2019! If you have access to PBE, you can try the new and free mode out later this week. Riot is also planning to bring a ranked mode for TFT in patch 9.14. Remember, you’re going to need the launcher and an account to play this. You can download them here.

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