Street Fighter Board Game Goes Live On Kickstarter

by Sammy Chan
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Despite it being 2018 and video games pushing the graphical boundaries of modern-day hardware, board games are still pretty much a thing. PlayStation Asia’s Instagram page pulled a pretty neat April Fool’s joke with the announcement of a PlayStation Board Game. Boasting a ‘non-4k resolution game board with pens and paper to draw your own trophies’ (you can check out our favorite April Fools pranks here). The fictitious product earned 16k reactions on Facebook and generally positive feedback. Well, we’re not pulling your leg here when we say there’s going to be Street Fighter board game.
Four days later, however, on April 5, 2018, Jasco Games updated their Kickstarter page, announcing that they are “excited to launch Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game, after 2 years of development”. The board game utilizes beautifully detailed figurines, cards, and dice. The gameplay claims to be accessible to everyone while providing a level of depth. This will please experienced gamers and fighting fans. For more details on the gameplay, you can watch the 20-minute tutorial YouTube video above!

Get On Board The Street Fighter Board Game

Joe Vargas, well-known for his Angry Review YouTube series, serves as the creative director of the project. He has partnered up with several other creative designers, personalities and talents to make this project a success. Even if you’re not a fan of board games, this product is over-qualified to serve as a collectible if you’re into figurines. Considering the fact that the design team includes artists from Capcom themselves and several other well-known parties and individuals, it’s no surprise the product looks top notch.
The Kickstarter has already received the support of 1,550 backers and gained a cumulative pledge of $308,296. It’s safe to say that the pledges are still coming in steadily. In the span of 10 minutes, the page received another $300, gaining another 52 backers. There are four levels of pledge rewards that you can see here on the right side of the page if this has piqued your interest. Majority of the backers are going with the most generous pledge of $280. The product is currently Kickstarter exclusive, but it is under consideration to undergo a retail. However, the end product will most likely be a notch lower in quality. This depends on the demand after its release.

Can I Pledge? Shoryuken!

Many YouTube videos detailing the product are currently unlisted on Angry Joe’s YouTube channel. The videos, however, can be found instead on their Kickstarter page. They provide great insight into the game itself if you need some convincing.
By the time I’ve finished this article, the number of backers has increased to 1,560 and the cumulative pledge has increased to $310,396 of it’s $400,000 goal. Interested in owning this exclusive product? You have about 29 days to go before the Kickstarter ends. So maybe mull it over with your significant other about having instant noodles for the rest of the month? Or, you could settle with the core set with no stretch goals benefits for $80. Stretch goals are pretty much Kickstarter’s version of DLC.

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