PUBG’s Tequila Sunrise Details

by Sammy Chan
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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground next event is coming up and here are some Tequila Sunrise details. The event will run for 72 hours only. It’ll start on April 6 to April 9. Limited time event modes were first announced last month when Brandan Greene shared the game’s roadmap.

What Is Tequila Sunrise?

The event will take place in the Miramar map, where teams of four will be pitted against each other. To make the event unique, they’re a special restriction in terms of weapon drops. You’ll only be getting shotguns and melee weapons. But of course, you can also go in fists blazing.
You can either squad up with friends or utilize the matchmaking function. The drop rate of shotguns and melee weapons will be tripled. The drop rate of Level 3 Gear will be three times higher whereas Level 1 Gear’s drop rate will be halved.
The safe zone will experience a significant initial size reduction. Supply drops and flare guns will not be present in this mode. Apart from launching the limited time even mode, the new 4x4km map is also in testing this week. This can only mean more new contents for the game! Also, don’t forget to grab your Year One – SCAR L anniversary before May 1!

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