Stardew Valley Multiplayer "Should Be Ready In About A Month"

by Sammy Chan
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Eric Barone, the developer, has tweeted out that Stardew Valley multiplayer ‘should be ready in about a month’. The tweet got instant traction from eager waiting fans with 21, 000 likes and 5, 400 retweets.


Worth The Wait

Stardew Valley has been out on PlayStation 4, XBox One and Steam since 2016. It later came out on Switch in late 2017. As of January this year, it has sold 3.5 million copies. With constant updates, it’s no surprise the game hosts about 700, 000 active monthly players. The elephant in the room, however, is the announced multiplayer feature. The game has so many fun activities and gives players the creative freedom to run their farmland their way. Playing it, you’d realize in an instant how well a multiplayer component would fit into the game. Barone bless the community by updating the game’s blog regularly for anxious fans. Barone worked on Stardew Valley for four years before release, coming up with all of its content and mechanics by himself. Thankfully, his burden is now shared with Tom Coxon of ChucklefishLTD for the multiplayer update, where Tom has reportedly contributed about 40, 000 lines of rewritten code. It should be of no surprise if the supposed one-month wait is prolonged, considering the labor to workload ratio. That being said, the hard shed blood, sweat, and tears of the two-man-team is severely underappreciated by some. Thankfully, the general response is positive, expressing gratitude for the duo’s hard work.

Finally, to recap, if all goes according to plan, multiplayer should be ready by next month. If you’d like more details, you can read up on this multiplayer guide written by aforementioned Tom Coxon.

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