Mythical Pokémon Officially Revealed for Ultra Sun and Moon

by Sammy Chan
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The Official Pokémon YouTube channel has uploaded a trailer of the newest addition to the roster of Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Moon. Zeraora is mythical class electric type Pokémon under the thunderclap category. It stands at a height of 4’11” (just barely 150 cm) and weighs in at 98.1 lbs. (44.5 kg). Let’s take a look at this mythical Pokémon!

An Electrifying Reveal

Zeraora displays cat-like traits complete with forepaws. It is bipedal and its two large forepaws are used to generate strong electric currents. Unlike most Electric-type Pokémon, Zeraora does not have organs to create electricity; instead, it gathers and stores it from outside sources, then use it as its own. Its fur is known to stand on its ends all across the body whenever it is using massive amounts of electricity (lore).

A New Spark to the Game

Zeraora will be the first pokemon to debut the move ‘Plasma Fists’. Details of the move can be found here.  Zeraora has been teased for quite a while, as far back in November 2017. However, having an official reveal is always nice… despite just having him stand there, breathing heavily.
Zeraora will also make a major appearance in the 21st Pokemon movie, which premieres July 13, 2018, in Japan. 

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