Stardew Valley mobile launching on iOS first

by Sammy Chan
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Stardew Valley will be getting a mobile release launching this month. Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, Chucklefish is extending the game’s reach right into your pocket. The mobile port is being developed by The Secret Police. Stardew Valley mobile on iOS is launching on 24 October. Android users will have to wait a little longer since there is no release window for that version yet. The Secret Police are currently working on finishing up the Android version.
For those unfamiliar as to what Stardew Valley is, it is a farming simulation type game. You build the farm of your dreams. Grow all the crops to your heart’s content. There’s even animals to raise and fishes to fish. Plus you don’t just tend to your farm – you even go out exploring mysterious and dangerous caves to find valuable treasures.

Stardew Valley mobile features

Rest assured that when you purchase Stardew Valley on iOS, it will not have any additional in-app purchases. So you will be getting the full game. It won’t be a simplified version either. The only difference to its console counterpart is that it has been rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay. The game includes the 1.3 single-player content, such as the Night Market but it doesn’t have multiplayer.
Another good thing to take note – you are able to transfer your save progress from the PC onto your iOS device. But bear in mind that you have to do it via iTunes as it does not have cloud support. Just make sure to always back up your save data first to avoid complications. This may occur mostly if you have mods and these, are of course, not supported. If you don’t want to lose your stuff – be sure to remove the mods first.

Stardew Valley first launched back in 2016 and this farming simulator has been growing since then. Stardew Valley mobile on iOS is set to launch 24 October, watch the mobile announcement trailer above while you are it.

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