Funcom released dev commentary of Mutant Year Zero gameplay!

by Sammy Chan
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We’ve had a peek of what Mutant Year Zero has to offer in Gamescom 2018. A large number of videos are available on YouTube so we’d like to share a compressed version. The video that we will be using was recently released by Funcom with a 20-minute dev commentary of Mutant Year Zero gameplay.

Mutant Year Zero gameplay

Poof! What’s in this old chest?

What we learnt from Mutant Year Zero gameplay

Free roaming!

You will spend most of your time in the game roaming around. Players will roam around with three of the characters to do your story quests, find loot or fight enemies. There’s plenty of loot you can find in boxes, on dead bodies or just left around the map. Items that are lootable will have this glow around them so you can see them from afar. However, not all will have the glow around them so do check every nook and cranny in your path.

Mutant Year Zero gameplay

Gotta get that loot from Mr Skeleton over here.

There are loud and silent weapons

When you encounter enemies they will have a red circle around them showing the proximity to get in stealth combat. Going into combat from outside the area will enable you to stealth kill your enemy, on one condition. You must have a stealth weapon. When you equip your weapon it will have a blue text that says “allows you to kill silently”. Those are the weapons that you need in order to do a stealth takedown. Also, you have to eliminate the enemy in the first round of combat. Failing to do so will allow the enemy to alert its friends.  

Stealth kill as much as you can

Going around and taking down the enemies one by one is much better if you want to avoid taking damage. By the end of it when you need to face the boss, he will have fewer lackeys as his backup. Easier job for you as you don’t need to worry about reinforcements anymore.


Turn off your flashlight

It’s just common sense. When you want to go into combat, stealthily crawling to the enemy with your lights on is just like a big red sign that says “I’m over here”. The red circle around enemies will grow when you have your flashlight with you. So it’s advised that you tuck it away when you want to do a stealth kill.

Mutations give you special benefits

Each character will have up to three mutations. These mutations are somewhat like perks that provide you with special actions to increase your chances of winning a fight. Dux, for example, can have the Moth Wings mutation. This allows him to get to the skies and have the “Highground” benefit which increases your chance to hit by 25%. We’ve no clue why Dux needs moth wings to fly even though he’s a duck so don’t quack-tion it.

A duck with moth wings!

Scraps and Weapon Parts are your buddies

Throughout your journey roaming around in The Zone, you will come across lots of scraps and weapon parts. These are the materials needed in order to upgrade your weapons and items. So far we do not have much information on what you can do with these. Thus, keep a lookout on updates from the devs when they release more information about the game.

Gotta get those weapon parts

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a game that has you controlling mutants to uncover Eden, a haven in the midst of hell. The game is slated for release on December 4, 2018, on the Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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