Tokyo Game Sale Ends Soon, Be Sure to Get These Fantastic Titles!

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While Tokyo Game Show brought us news of amazing upcoming titles like NieR: Replicant and Monster Hunter Rise, it also brought along the annual Tokyo Game Sale. With a variety of titles ranging from Pirate Warriors 4 to Red Dead Redemption 2, here’s a list of the hottest game offers. Best hurry! The sale ends Oct 6.

Kingdom Hearts III ( 70% off )

This title serves as the finale and puts an end to the 17-year running Dark Seeker Saga. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the first game of the franchise to run on Unreal Engine. It introduces new character models and highly interactable worlds that run at a buttery smooth framerates.

tgs sale
Source: Square Enix

KH3 takes the flashy and cinematic battle animations the franchise is known for and cranks it up to 11. The combat features mechanics from previous titles such as the Shotlock and Drive Forms and blends it all into a hectic but comprehensive battle system.

It features around 40 hours of mainline story content and dozens more in exploration. Not enough for you? The Kingdom Hearts All-in-One Collection is also having a massive 70% discount.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC is 25% off, and gives players access to the classic data battle mode. Additionally, it recounts the events of KH3‘s ending from a different perspective and also features a secret boss battle against Dylan Sprouse.

Watch Dogs 2 ( 50% off )

A sequel to Watch Dogs and the immediate predecessor to Watch Dogs: Legion, Watch Dogs 2 sees you in the control of DedSec hacker Marcus Holloway. Explore the enormous open-world and traverse through out with an overhauled driving system.

tokyo game sale
Source: Ubisoft

Discover your preferred playstyle as you approach enemies by a variety of means. Take them down stealthily or go in hard as you access your hackable objectives. Either way, you’ll still be heavily interacting with the environments to boost your advantage.

After the critical crack-down of the first game, online criticisms and complaints were dug out by the development team in order to improve this title. As such, it focuses more on innovating the level of interactivity and gameplay experience rather than polishing the faults of the first game.

Code Vein ( 50% off )

Developed by the same folks that worked on the God Eater and Dark Souls franchises, Code Vein is an exciting fusion of the two. It has the story-telling of your run-of-the-mill JRPG while featuring the meticulously precise combat of Dark Souls.

Set in the near future, Code Vein boasts a thrilling and dramatic story of the Revenants versus the Lost. Defeat the Lost as they emit a deadly Miasma that threatens the very existence of the human race. Explore the various gorgeous environments developed by Bandai Namco and delve into the intriguing tale of Vein.

tokyo game sale
Source: Godisageek

This game can also be played in 2-player co-op with PlayStation Plus! [AD] Get PlayStation Plus and get access to massive discounts and a variety of other features such as online-multiplayer and cloud storage.

DLCs are not for sale, but the deluxe edition of the game for 50% off as well. It includes cosmetic bonuses alongside the season pass which includes all the add-ons.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ( 67% off )

The final chapter to Lara Croft’s 2013 reboot sees Lara in the tropical settings of the Americas. Like the games before it, it features engaging gunplay, thoughtful puzzles, and thrilling set pieces.

sotr sale
Source: PCGamesn

Shipping over 4-million copies, Shadow of the Tomb Raider wasn’t as a financial success compared to it’s predecessors, but it is still carries the authentic feel of a Tomb Raider game. Tombs are much larger with more difficult puzzles compared to previous games. In light of that, a few gameplay mechanics have been tweaked as well. In addition to the immersive world of Mayan and Aztec culture, there is also an engaging drama amongst the characters, and explores Lara more deeply as a character. It’s a fitting end to the reboot trilogy.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is inclusive of the base game and all seven DLCs. The Tokyo Game Sale is giving this already discounted game deeper discounts, don’t miss this opportunity!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition (~55% off)

Take control of an experience Spider-Man who has been protecting New York for eight years. Marvel’s Spider-Man throws you into the middle of a villainous power struggle between iconic adversaries. Uncover the mystery of a new bio-weapon that threatens the population of New York while meeting an iconic cast along the way.

spiderman ps5
Source: FinnishGamer120 on Twitter

The city of New York is faithfully recreated with plenty to do. Catch the thrill of swinging between high-rise buildings and take on dozens of opponents at once with your never-failing Spidey-sense. Experience unique boss battles and watch the integrity of New York city unfold as you uncover the corrupt politics behind it all.

Marvel’s Spider-Man GOTY Edition comes inclusive of all DLCs at a fraction of the price thanks to the Tokyo Game Sale.

NieR: Automata ( 50% off )

If you’ve been on the internet, then you’ve seen the rage over 2B. She’s from this game. That is all the reason you need to get it during this sale.


What’s that? You’re not a one-dimensional simp who has ludicrous fantasies over fictitious works? Well alright then.

NieR: Automata is a gorgeous game that features a variety of beautiful environments for you explore. It has you in control (initially) of 2B as she tries to reclaim planet Earth from the relentless machines. Explore the endless combo possibilities with the variety of weapons. Running at a crisp 60 frames per second, NieR: Automata will have players dashing and slashing through hordes of enemies while uncovering the deeper story of the world of NieR. Why are these robots dry-humping each other? Find out why by getting Automata before the sale ends, tomorrow.

robot sex

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Red Dead Redemption 2 ( 50% off )

Red Dead Redemption 2 is ironically a prequel to the critically-acclaimed Red Dead Redemption. Set in 1899, players control Arthur Morgan, who is on the run after a robbery goes wrong.

rdr2 sale

Though it’s very much so an open-world that’ll reward you with a good time regardless on whether you do it’s campaign or not, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a deep and engaging story that is beautifully acted by its exquisite cast. Roger Clark, the voice of protagonist Arthur Morgan even won The Game Award for best performance, beating out fan favorite Melissanthi Mahut as Kassandra in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Yuri Lowenthal as Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The base game already has records of people sinking in an average of 50 hours to complete. However players can easily sink in HUNDREDS into doing everything the single=player offline mode has to offer. In addition to that, it has a separate multiplayer mode for up to 32 people!

And that’s it for the best of Tokyo Game Sale 2020! You can check out the full list of offers on the official PlayStation Store. For more on great gaming deals, stick to SEAGM News!

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