SEAGM as an organization: Core Values

by Raymond Foo
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Core values are the ideals or fundamental principles that drive an organization. These serve as guides for how the organization makes decisions and operates to achieve its goals.

Besides serving as guides for organizations, core values also help illustrate the organization’s brand message if done and practiced well. Employees, customers, and partners can get to know an organization well by understanding its core values.

SEAGM and its core values

SEAGM has been guided by our four (4) core values: – Integrity, Communication, Excellence, and Care.

Integrity – SEAGM acts with integrity, trustworthiness, and professionalism in fulfilling our duties towards success. We value respect as an organization and treat our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers as such, as their contributions are vital to our success.

Communication – Communication between employees at all levels takes place in a timely and pertinent manner. Seek and offer feedback at every opportunity to keep everyone on track and focused on the goal. We collaborate in a supportive setting where knowledge is valued and inquiries are welcomed. We seek clarification when in doubt and always engage in curiosity by pursuing information to inspire creativity and innovation.

Excellence – SEAGM believes that change is constant and there is always room for improvement. We enjoy challenges and learning new skills. While being productive and effective at work, we also embrace growth and stepping outside of our comfort zones, which help us achieve a higher level of competency.

Care – We care about our employees, customers, and the people we work with at SEAGM. We value teamwork and supporting one another when it comes to providing quality service. It is important to us that we prioritize our customers’ needs and ensure that we provide them with excellent service and solutions.

While most organizations are defined by their company culture, it can only be formed through the test of time and the guidance of their core values. SEAGM wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without the help of its core values and the people behind the organization.

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