Get your Revoland lucky mystery boxes from SEAGM!

by Aly Damil
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Revoland will soon be ready to play! After the beta test, the free NFT, and the BNB test token, SEAGM has another surprise for you. Three Revoland lucky mystery boxes are coming to SEAGM today!

Revoland is coming soon!

Revoland is the first blockchain-based MOBA game designed to challenge players’ individual techniques and teamwork skills in multiple game modes. Players can form a team to fight with others, and receive tokens as rewards for participating in game battles.

Revoland Launch

As Revoland will be launching on July 1, 2022, you can now grab these Revoland lucky mystery boxes from SEAGM:

Gather your friends, ride along the hype as and start earning while you play Revoland together!

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