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The Adventurers’ Guild invites you: Are you ready to embark on a brand new adventure?

It’s your world. Live more in your own way.

After five years of development and nearly $70 million invested, Revelation: Infinite Journey is finally complete and ready to serve gamers in the Southeast Asia region.

Revelation: Infinite Journey, a NetEase creation, accomplished an incredible feat in China, the country with the largest population. It went crazy on the country’s download rankings, and shortly after its release, the game was trailing gaming behemoths Genshin Impact and Moonlight Blade Mobile.

VNG Games was selected as the most dependable partner for releasing the next-gen flagship game exclusively in Southeast Asia and providing gamers the unmatched value and dynamic, immersive MMO experience of Revelation. Revelation will also be introducing a “haven” where players can relax and de-stress after a long day, as a companion for players in their youth. It provides amazing graphics and sights, as well as the sensation of being oneself and discovering a vast universe beyond the limits of the sky and the sea.

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A world that anyone wants to live in

The developers claim that this universe is the result of thousands of hours spent researching picturesque locations, including tens of thousands of movies, parks, and real theme parks. Players in Revelation can fly through the clouds or dive into the deep waters while yet feeling grounded in reality thanks to the game’s expansive, vibrant sea and sky. The game aims to elevate the immersive experience for players to fully enjoy the endless, majestic, and overwhelming scenery of Revelation.

Become anyone, take on any role you want

“Creating a persona that dares to do what I may not” is the value that Revelation wants to encourage players to embrace. It offers a character creation system that allows players to customize every detail and a deep fashion system with the highest degree of freedom. All NPCs are developed with an advanced AI system to enhance the player’s experience. Become a musician, dancer, designer, chef, or vigilante in Revelation to freely express yourself and build a comprehensive ecosystem with like-minded players.

The freedom to explore the world and adventure in your own way

Revelation provides a range of gameplay options for players to select from, whether they desire to conquer, explore, or seek the truth of the planet.

The developers have been meticulous enough to deliver you a realistic experience as an explorer, starting out to explore this world, with an in-depth adventuring system that features more than 100+ storylines, 300+ trinkets, and 500+ minigames!

A complete ecosystem that allows multinational interaction

Experience a global PVP system that pits you against six Southeast Asian nations and watch a ton of gamers battle it out on big landscapes. The top PvP players will be drawn in by the non-targeting and intense battle since they thrive in chaos.

VNGGames is prepared to launch Revelation: Infinite Journey, the first mobile MMORPG to transform the genre into a fiercely competitive eSports experience. Stay tuned!

Immerse yourself in the breathtakingly beautiful and endlessly captivating world of Revelation: Infinite Journey.

The game is available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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