Ragnarok X | Joining A Guild And Battle In A Guild War

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Join a Ragnarok X: The Next Generation Guild today! It’s no doubt that playing games with a community or with friends is much more enjoyable than playing alone. If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, you’d definitely heard of Ragnarok Online, or RO for short.

In its latest instalment, Ragnarok X: Next Generation, players, also known as adventurers, can create their very own guild, or even join an existing guild. Grab a group of friends together and you can have an adventure together.  Adventures can create a guild too, but, it can be pretty pricey. It’s reported that you would need at least 600K Zeny to create a guild.

In case you want to know how to join a guild, here’s what you’d need to do.

Joining A Guild And What You Can Do In A Guild

Most PvP or PvE-oriented games like Ragnarok X includes a Guild system feature. In fact, this feature has significantly improved through the years.

Nuverse has made it in a way that adventurers who are in a guild or create their own guild will have access to several beneficial One of the main benefit of the new Guild system is that adventurers will get to play with their friends online.

But, how does one get into a guild? Essentially, adventurers who reach level 25, will be granted access to the Guild.

As soon as you become a guild member, you get to work on several task and thrive for the betterment of the guild. However, some of the Guild orders may seem to be a chore and these are tasks that the Kingdom creates. These quests will enhance your contribution to the Guild while also assisting them in levelling up. It also helps to unlock other cool features that will make the Guild stronger.

Additionally, players can obtain Guild Contribution by finishing Guild Orders. They can also gain attribute buffs… or in other words, level up XP, based on the class you chose.

Moreover, if you’re working on these tasks together with Guild Blessings, you can gain attribute buffs to make you stronger. After that, you can exchange your Guild Contribution for Purple Guild Set from the Guild Store.

The New Guild War System

In case you’re not aware, the original Ragnarok Online had a Guild Wars feature too. This was a system where players can test their powers and to showcase their abilities. In the original game, guilds get into head-to-head battles from one base to another to destroy the Emperium crystal, which allows the attacking guild to capture and conquer the base. While the new Ragnarok X Guild War System does reminisce from the original game, players now get to defend their base from other guilds.

There are 3 main phases during the Guild Wars.

First, adventurers will go through a Siege War phase. This allows players to fight monsters and take control of the neutral bases.

Once the base is captured, it then goes to the second phase — the Clash of the Champions. Guild members will have to defend their bases from other guilds for 15 minutes.

The third phase is known as the Defensive War phase. The defender will have to to fend off other guilds for 45 minutes. If the defending guild wins, they get to control the city, with many exclusive rewards for the 5 guilds that claim every major cities in Midgard.

When adventurers participate in the Guild Wars, it gives the participants a chance to earn a GvG Participation Chests. These rewards are dependent on the player’s actions which includes defeating enemy guild members reviving your fallen guild members. The Guild that is victorious will get a City Owner Chests. This reward contains Guild Contribution and Shadow Equipment Materials.

Besides that, adventurers will also get to access to the Abyssal Arcade, a special PvP arena where all the five guilds who won must beat special MVP bosses to get the rarest loots and equipment in the game.

Kingdom Pass and Glory Pass?

The Kingdom Pass and the Glory Pass are season pass equivalent in the Ragnarok X Next Generation world.

The Kingdom Pass is the free version where all adventurers will unlock rewards when they reach a certain level.

Moreover, the Glory Pass is a little more exclusive. Adventurers can buy this pass with Diamonds to receive exclusive rewards like gift packs, event costumes, and mounts.

If you’re looking to get more Crystals, the easiest way to get them is by doing the RO Life Skill mining. In fact, adventurers may also be able to get a Glory Trial Card on just one day of Mining with less than 3,000 stamina used. Once their mining is complete, they can sell the materials from mining to the Exchange Center.

How To Top-Up Ragnarok Diamonds

You can top-up your Ragnarok Diamonds on our website at a great price on SEAGM. 

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is now available on iOS and Android. Play now and join the Guild Wars this weekend!


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