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by Patrick Mark
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As we move into the month of August Free Fire drops a patch update with new items as well as attachments in your arsenal as well as some weapon balancing and quality of life changes.

The new update has been patched and is available right now, so make sure you update your game to realise the changes.

New Items

TWO (2) new items that will be available in the coming patch update which includes of:-

  • Decoy Grenade
  • AC80

Both of these items will be accessible to ALL users

By no means these new items will make or break the game, but it does give users an edge in their gameplay.

The Decoy Grenade works well in clutch situations where users can utilize for repositioning or making aggressive plays.

Additionally, the functions of the Decoy Grenade includes of :-

  • Throw it to confuse enemies
  • Pretend there is firing ahead
  • Creates Flames

For users that encourage tactical approach in their playstyle, the Decoy Grenade will be a go to in your inventory.

On the Contrary, players that are looking mostly towards the aggressive playstyle can always opt to the AC80.

The accurate single firing rifle that stacks damage on continuous shots, AC80 rewards players that are always looking for a fight.

Alongside items that can change the tide of the battle, Free Fire will also include new weapon attachments.

New Weapon Attachments

While there are the standard attachments that increases the general stats of a weapon, these new attachments have additional functions.

As of now, there are THREE (3) new attachments that are coming to Free Fire which are:-

  • AR Magazineincreases firing rate at the same time decreasing magazine size for Assault Rifles
  • Shotgun Muzzle –  adding more pellets per shot which results in increasing damage
  • SMG Muzzleincreases damage during continuous firing

Which one of the items or attachments would you want to try first?

Weapon Balancing

Weapon Balancing Adjustments is present with every new patch update to keep gameplay fresh, as of the month of August.


  • XM8 – Increase Rate of Fire, Increase Recoil
  • Uzi– Increase Minimum Damage, Increase Magazine size, Increase Effective Range
  • SPAS12–  Muzzle and Scope Attachment Slot Available, Increase Range
  • Vector – Increase Range, Increase Movement Speed


  • M1887– Decrease Armor Penetration, Decrease Effective Range,
  • Magazine (Attachment) – Decrease Magazine Size
  • Muzzle (Attachment) – Decrease effective range for Lv1, Lv2 ,Lv3

New Feature

Are you a fan of the M4A1? you can now upgrade it in game via Vending Machine

Vending Machines can be found in various locations in Battle Royale (BR) mode, to upgrade the M4AI, you will require:-

  • M4A1 Rifle
  • M4 CIP

Which update are you most excited for in this new patch update?

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