2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall – Malaysia struggling in Week 2

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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KUALA LUMPUR, 11th October 2022– Thailand conquers another week at the 2022 PMPL SEA Championship  Fall. On the very last day of the week, Bacon Time slides into 3rd place, making it a full Thailand lineup at the top 3 spots of Week 2. Geek Fam upholds the pride of Malaysia by finishing 5th for Week 2.

It has been a roller coaster ride for Geek Fam in Week 2 of the 2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall league. They started well by not only getting WWCD but also getting the most amount of elimination kills on Day 1. This places them in 2nd at the start of Week 2. They could not replicate the same performance on Days 2 and 3 but recovered on the final two days and finished 5th.

Yoodo Alliance also shared a great start with Geek Fam by being 5th at the beginning of the week and getting themselves a chicken dinner. The following days were not so great as they dropped to the 2nd page of the rankings and could not re-enter since.

The same could be said for team Don’t Break Dreams. The highest they have ever achieved in the competition is 12th place, but they declined to 2nd last place just like the previous week.

Week 2 was not a good week for both SEM9 and 4Rivals. SEM9 has been in the bottom 3 for the first four days of the week and could only escape to 16th place by the last day. 4Rivals also hit rock bottom on Day 4 and went all-in on the final day to place them just below SEM9 in 17th place.

The performance statistics in the past 2 weeks show that the Malaysian teams have had the firepower to defeat enemy teams from other countries. However, they must be more disciplined and focus on improving their placement points in the following Week 3 and the SEA Finals. If the Malaysian teams can pull this off, we may be looking at all 5 Malaysian teams qualifying for the SEA Finals.

This week will be the final week of the 2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall league stage. The Top 16 teams in the Bonus Points ranking will qualify for the SEA Finals, while the remaining four will be eliminated from the competition.

2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall – Week 2 Overall Rankings

Looking at the Bonus Points Ranking, Thailand dominates the competition by occupying the Top 5 spots. Yoodo Alliance, which is currently in 9th place, is the only team from Malaysia in the Top 10 of the rankings. Two teams from Malaysia (4Rivals and Don’t Break Dreams) are in the bottom 4 of the Bonus Points Ranking and are at risk of being eliminated if they remain in that place. SEM9 should be careful as they are too close to the bottom 4. SEM9, 4Rivals, and Don’t Break Dreams need to bring their A-game if they want all the Malaysia teams to make it to the next round (SEA Finals).

Only 16 of the best Southeast Asia team will make it to the SEA Finals, and only one will become the Champion. Will 4Rivals and Don’t Break Dreams make a comeback in Week 3 and qualify for the SEA Finals? Who do you think will BE THE #1 for this Fall Season? Let us know by placing your predictions on your social media and in the comment section of the Livestream.

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