New PUBG Xbox Update Fixes Some Gameplay Issues

by Sammy Chan
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PUBG Xbox one version is described as ‘clunky’ and ‘full of crashes’. But don’t worry, they’re not going to leave it as it is. The development team has recently released a new PUBG Xbox update that addresses some the issues following the release.

These problems include random frame rate drops, a certain sluggishness in character movement as well as a graphical problem with the indoor lighting. This, of course, has sparked some very angry discussions in the forums.

The Xbox One is constantly marketed as the most powerful console in the world and seeing these issues in-game goes against what players were promised. However, to be fair, the launch is fairly recent. These are all issues relating back to poor optimization of the game but the development team has acknowledged it and are currently working on it.

PUBG Community Coordinator, PUBG_Hawkinz, has noted that some of the crashes the team has logged were complex. So we’ll need to give them some time to look into it. Hang in there!

Full Patch Notes


  • Aim acceleration can now be adjusted by players via the in-game option
  • Player weapon damage has been increased against vehicles.  We will continue to monitor player feedback and telemetry and make further balancing adjustments as needed in future updates
  • FPP Solo matchmaking queue will be made available for NA/EU/and Oceanic servers. We will open other modes within those regions as concurrency allows
  • Fixed an issue that caused indoor lighting and shadows to appear too dark and blueish
  • Analog stick acceleration added while exiting the plane and while parachuting


  • PhysX performance enhancements
  • Server FPS slightly increased
  • Client FPS slightly increased
  • Some VFX received slight optimizations


  • Music on/off option added

Bug fixes

  • Addressed a number of known crashes
  • Fixed a UI issue that occurred when multiple players attempted to loot from the same source

If you want to check out the full discussion in their forums, click here.

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