PUBG Team Deathmatch Custom Game Released Soon

by Sammy Chan
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Bluehole is getting ready to release the new custom game mode: Team Deathmatch. The game mode was developed by the PUBG team. In this custom game mode, you and your squad will eject from a plane with a pre-determined set of weapons and resources.
Once you land, your aim is to take out as many players as you can to rack up points for your squad. But every time you’re killed, an enemy squad takes a point. The first squad to reach a certain number of total points will win the deathmatch.
This custom game will be carried out in War Mode.

What Is War Mode?

War mode is the recently released new game mode in PUBG. Bluehole’s attempt to branch out into other areas outside of the classic battle royale style. In War Mode, when a player dies, they are not permanently eliminated from the match. And instead of landing with no resources, each player drops with a pre-determined set of weapons and resources. So get ready to hit the ground running. Literally, because people will probably start shooting at you.
War Mode is going to be more fast-paced than the default Battle Royale mode. It might just be what PUBG needs right now.
And as for custom game creation, it is not yet open to the general public. So far, Bluehole is only allowing PUBG partners, selected YouTubers and members of their development team to create custom games. This is possibly due to the fact that War Mode is in the early stages of development. So the team wants to make sure the issues (and there will be issues) get addressed before they let players set their own rules.
But don’t worry too much about it. Players will be allowed to design their own custom game. Just not during the Team Deathmatch release.

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