PUBG PS4 finally gets a release window

by Sammy Chan
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Last year on December 12, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground had its first console-release on the Xbox One. Despite the Xbox version being far from stable, PUBG is making its way to the next console – the PlayStation 4. According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad on ResetEra, PUBG PS4 is set to release next month in December.

PUBG PS4 appearing in the console’s database

Since PUBG for Xbox One came out a year ago, it makes sense that the game would come out on the PS4 next month. It simply means that Bluehole had a one-year exclusivity deal with Microsoft. The game is currently already on Sony servers. PUBG’s game images and content-ID can be found in the PSN Store.


Seems like, for now, they are only appearing in the North American and the European stores. There’s no indication yet regarding Southeast Asian store but it’ll probably just be available as well but at a later date.
Regarding the absence of promotion or announcement, it’s probably part of the exclusivity deal. The deal is, very likely, still active hence the lack of announcement or hype about PUBG PS4 release.
In all honesty, we think the game might actually come out in January instead of December. With the Bluehole-Microsoft deal ending next month, they probably want to advertise the game a little before releasing it on Sony’s console. So it’s very likely it’ll get push back all the way to January.
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Either way, we hope that the release on PlayStation 4 would be less of a disaster to the Xbox’s. Maybe Bluehole will optimize the game this time, hopefully. If they want to compete with both Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, they’re going to need it. Both of these games are currently dominating Battle Royale scene on the PlayStation 4. So launching on a buggy version will not make a good impression.

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