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by Sammy Chan
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Distraint 2 is set to release next week on November 13. The developer, Jesse Markkonen is celebrating by giving away the first game. Currently, you can get the first game, Distraint Deluxe Edition free on Steam.

What is Distraint?

Three years ago, on October 21, 2015, Distraint was released. It took reviewers by surprise as it tops the indie chart. Distraint is a 2D psychological horror adventure game. You play as Price, an ambitious young man. For the sake of climbing the corporate ladder, Price seizes the property of an elderly woman. It was then, he knew, he f*cked up because you know you can’t mess with an elderly! And that’s where his adventure begins.
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Distraint is a very simple and short game. However, the game guarantees to give you one hell of a ride in the two hours you’ll need to finish this game. Here are some its features:

  • Hand-drawn graphics.
  • Atmospheric sound design and music tracks.
  • Minimal UI to boost immersion.
  • Unique story with many twists.
  • No cheats, no tricks – you decide your story.

Get Distraint Deluxe Edition free now on Steam here. The developer didn’t say how many days the offer is going to last but, just to be safe, get it quickly!

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