PUBG Negative Reviews Rating High On Steam

by Sammy Chan

The latest game to receive a review bomb on Steam is Playerunknown’s Battleground, the game that almost everyone is playing. PUBG negative reviews rating hit an all-time high last week despite its endless success. The game continues to rake in high numbers of players, hitting 1.5 million concurrent users last week. In the same week, it also revealed its very own subsidiary company, PUBG Corp, and announced that Squad FPP serves will be heading over to OCE in mid October.

Screengrab via Steam/PUBG Store Page

Cause Of Negative Reviews

PUBG is quickly becoming a global success and China makes up for a large portion of PUBG‘s player base. The addition of ads to the Chinese server was the cause of players getting upset, leading to the review bombing. Chinese players had been complaining about tremendous lag despite full localization. This forces them to join either EU or NA servers to be able to play. Instead of implementing a fix, they started advertising an accelerator VPN service in the game. The service advertises boosting connections to international servers.
The players feel that ads shouldn’t be appearing in a game that isn’t free-to-play. Plus, Bluehole should be providing better support instead of promoting a tool to better access foreign servers. Such action is questionable and makes the effort to localize the game seem pointless.
At any rate, the ads are only affecting the Chinese server currently and you won’t encounter them if you’re playing on another. If you’re looking to try out this trending game mode, I recommend checking out Fortnite Battle Royale before purchasing a copy of PUBG since Fortnite BR is free-to-play. And if you decide you enjoy the mode and want something with a more serious-looking graphic, then go ahead and put PUBG in your cart.

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