Get Hooked On Banana With Harambe -Streets Of Rogue Review

by Sammy Chan
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If you don’t know what this game is about, here’s my quick summary before I get into my Streets of Rogue review:
Streets of Rogue is an action pixel-art game. It is an anarchic urban city themed dungeon crawler game where you’re given a set of missions at every level. And, you can only move on to the next level once you’ve completed (or failed) the missions. The missions, NPC, items, and level layout are randomly generated so you won’t get the same set of missions or the same maps.

Chicken Nuggets On My Mind

The gameplay itself doesn’t go out of its way to be funny but the dialogue and item descriptions are written to perfection. It is littered with satire, sarcasm and a little bit of urban humor (if that’s even a thing) that tickles something dark in you. Each job character has a very specific kit that’s really an emphasized version of real-life urban characters and internet memes. The tutorial itself already had me in fits of giggles and when I saw this-

Yes. They use CHICKEN NUGGETS as a CURRENCY. At this point, I was sold on the game and I knew I was going to be investing quite a bit of time in it. And trust me, it only gets better from there. Weapons come with sassy descriptions-
And there’s my favorite –
I give this game a 5/5 for their creative humor and really, just for the originality of the game. I love dungeon crawler games as much as the next person but I’ve not played one that makes me chuckle as much as Streets of Rogue.


Heres the most important part of what most people look for in a game. As far as I know, the features in the gameplay are prone to change as the game is still in Early Access. But I’ll split this commentary into two parts.

What I liked:

The action!

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s a 2D game, how can it be classified as action?” Well. For a game in early access, there is already a diverse range of ways you can take out your enemies. For example, there is a variety of guns in the game you can use to shoot up the entire population on the map– in a variety of ways. But be careful because some of your enemies carry guns too (it’s an anarchic city, what did you expect?).
There are grenades you can throw at your enemies. Or maybe you just wanted to blow a hole in the wall but someone was on the other side so they had to die (it happens). There are things you can throw on the floor to dissuade hostiles from chasing you. Like a banana peel… or a bear trap.
There is a wide range of melee weapons you can use to beat your enemies into submission (or death). Or you could just use it to beat people through a wall because the door was locked. Yes. That’s a thing. Which brings me to the next thing I liked.

The freedom!

Even while you’re bound to the missions of the level, the ways you could approach a problem is completely up to you. You could, like I mentioned before, blow a hole in the wall to get to the target. You could buy a wall teleporter and go in and out without anyone noticing. Or you could knock on the door, invite yourself into a nice household, shoot up everyone and then loot their things for your mission. (anarchic, remember?)

The problem-solving! 

There is a considerable amount problem solving involved in Street of Rogue that really gets your brain working. Some solutions are pretty straightforward, but when you’re at 5 hp and your mission target is guarded behind a room full of hostiles, all equipped with machine-guns– things get a little complicated. This is what keeps me playing for hours, the need to try and approach the game in as many different ways as possible. And a lot of the diversity comes from-

The different classes!

There is no such thing as uniformity in the game. If the randomly generated maps don’t switch things up enough for you, you can switch up the class you play as well. As I’ve mentioned before, each class has a specific kit. And in my opinion, some are better than the others and some are just downright fun to play. My favorite is the Gorilla (he’s really just Harambe).

What can be improved:

The job kits

Some jobs are better than others. That’s my opinion. It could be because I haven’t played enough of the class to truly understand them but I absolutely loathe playing as the Investment Banker. I played him a few times, the first time to see how he worked. I couldn’t feed my drug addiction and ended up dying in the first map. The second time was to try and work him out and I did not enjoy him at all.

And then I saw a pattern when I unlocked the Comedian. Some of these jobs, while they are a somewhat dark but accurate representation of the urban lifestyle, they’re jokes (no pun intended). Some characters are way too crippled in the sense that their kit is virtually useless or their quirky features make them quite impossible to play. So I think a little balancing is in place. Which I guess is what Early Access is for, amiright?

What gets carried forward from your last run

By that, I mean aside from the chicken nuggets you earn from your dungeon run, you literally don’t take anything else with you back to home base when you die. Which is a shame because that give you no customization of your favorite class beyond aesthetic level. So you don’t get that tight connection with your favorite job.


I would give Streets of Rogue 4 star out of 5 as well as my seal of recommendation. Early access games can be a little shaky to put your faith in but you’re going to want in on this. If not to see it grow, just come for the lulz. I would expect this game to be even better when you play it with a friend. What with the number of drugs and memes in the game.
If you want to see your other choices before you decide to spend your money, check out the October releases. Happy gaming!

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