Is PUBG Mobile set to make a glorious return to India? Let’s take a look!

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A couple of months ago, we received news that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Tik Tok was banned in India. And then news arose that PUBG Mobile was banned in India. But as of today, we’re glad to share some (possibly) good news. It looks like PUBG Mobile is set to make a glorious return. But how?

PUBG Mobile ban in India

PUBG Mobile is no stranger in India. It is one of the most popular titles in the Battle Royale genre of mobile gaming. When news broke that the PUBG Mobile was banned in India, a lot of players were left in the dark. The ban is due to rising tensions between China and India, and it was rather tragic for India’s mobile gaming industry. Today’s news however, changes the fate of the game.

PUBG Mobile returning to India?

In short, yes it could very well be. Why? Well because:

Firstly, it was reported on Techcrunch that the game could be relaunching real soon. How is this possible you may be asking? Krafton… That’s how. 

Secondly, Krafton, (the parent firm of PUBG Corp) has inked a global partnership with Microsoft, specifically it’s cloud computing service which caters to building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft managed data centers (three of which are in India). If you’re unfamiliar, this service is called Microsoft Azure. With privacy and data security being a top priority for Krafton, they will be working alongside Microsoft to ensure personal data protection through Azure.


To further solidify this whole comeback, PUBG has also engaged with a few local firms (one of which includes Paytm) to explore whether they would be interested in publishing the game.

With that said, there could be an announcement made really soon regarding the relaunch of the game. This also includes a possible marketing campaign which revolves around Diwali (so pretty soon we assume).

So, will we be seeing PUBG Mobile making a grand return in India? Excited? What would be the first thing that you’d do if it does relaunch? Some new skins maybe? Let us know in the comments section below! By the way, you can get cheap PUBG UC using Razer Pin at SEAGM!

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