PUBG Mobile – All Fan-Favorite Game Modes Coming Back

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PUBG Mobile is bringing back several fan-favorite modes to the game this 2021. Starting with ‘Metro Royale: Reunion’ and ‘Titans: Last Stand’, other classics such as Vikendi, Payload 2.0, and others will be making a comeback as well.

All Classic Game Modes Returning to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile will be bringing back the following game modes:

  • Metro Royale: Reunion (28/9/2021 – 15/11/2021)
  • Titans: Last Stand (28/9/2021 – 15/11/2021)
  • Vikendi (8/10/2021 – 15/11/2021)
  • Survive Till Dawn (15/10/2021 – 15/11/2021)
  • Infection Mode (15/10/2021 – 15/11/2021)
  • Payload 2.0 (15/10/2021 – 15/11/2021)
  • Runic Power (15/10/2021 – 15/11/2021)

pubg mobile game modes

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These game modes were widely popular and were widely played during the height of PUBG Mobile. “Survive Till Dawn”, ‘Infection Mode’, ‘Payload 2.0’ and ‘Runic Power’ will all be coming back to PUBG Mobile on October 15, 2021. They will become unavailable the following month, November 15, 2021.

Metro Royale: Reunion

This game mode provides a unique new map for you to explore, with exclusive mechanics such as new equipment and gear. Unlike the normal game modes, you start off your exploration with a preset loadout that you can customize with the Black Market.  Grind this mode to earn Honor and Earnings. Loot exclusive items and get to know Ian, Vera and Katia in the command post for extra story content.

Titans: Last Stand

This game mode has the player in a Call of Duty-like campaign scenario where they face huge foes in a helicopter. Using a mounted minigun and taking place in the middle of the sea, Titans: Last Stand is a high-octane, chaotic game mode.

vikendi come back


Vikendi is a fan favorite map beloved by both the PUBG PC community and the PUBG Mobile community. It is a 6km x 6km size map that was replaced by the inclusion of the smaller desert map, Karakin. While PUBG PC removed Vikendi only to permanently add a revamped version of the map named Vikendi V2, Vikendi in PUBG Mobile will remain the V1 version and remain a limited-time mode. It disappears once again on November 15th.

Survive Till Dawn and Infection Mode

If you like Zombies, Survive Till Dawn will have you facing hordes of AI opponents in this limited-run game mode. If you’re up for more of a challenge, Infection Mode will have a PVP arena that simulates a “gun game” environment and has you facing human opponent Zombies. For the final level, you will have to kill with a melee weapon in an even playing ground.

Payload 2.0

Equip yourself with heavy arms and munitions such as rocket launchers and miniguns in this hectic game mode. Ride heavily-armed weapons and destroy your opponents in Payload 2.0, which has been highly regarded as a fan favorite.

Runic Power

Looking for fantasy? The Runic Power game mode has you controlling the power of ancient technology. Unlock fascinating abilities with the runes of old and buff yourself with faster reload speed, destructive flame rounds, and more.

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