Earn Outfit in PUBG M Spring Fest and keep them!

by Sammy Chan
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With the Lunar New Year coming around this weekend, PUBG M will be participating in the festivities as well. To celebrate, the PUBG M Spring Fest will be giving players a chance to earn permanent Outfits! Wondering how? Read on!


How to join PUBG M Spring Fest?

Starting from January 21, 2020 until February 6, 2020, players will be able to participate in the PUBG M Spring Fest and get rewarded for playing daily. Here’s how you can snag a permanent outfit for yourself.

  • Play classic matches daily! You just need to play 10 matches since that’s the daily cap. Each bag will contain 1 random material.
  • Make a lantern from the materials you have collected, you’ll need 5.
  • If you’re missing a certain piece, you can trade duplicates with your friends.
  • You will need to complete a total of 4 lanterns to get a permanent outfit.
  • After the event ends, unused BP will be converted into BP and sent to you via mailbox.

So to recap – you need to make 4 lanterns for one permanent outfit. And each lantern requires 5 materials. Basically, collect 20 materials! Sounds simple right? Don’t miss out on this event! If one outfit isn’t enough, you could always buy UC from SEAGM and expand that wardrobe.

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