What’s new in PUBG M Update 0.16.0?

by Sammy Chan
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Yesterday, the popular battle royale game finally got a new content update. So what’s new in PUBG M Update 0.16.0?

New features

There are several new features such as the new RageGear mode and update to the Classic Mode. You can check out our video breakdown here for the new features! If you came from the video, then here’s the rest of the changes coming in this patch.

TPP Update:

  • You can now switch to FPP via a button. This is available for switch Classic, Arcade and Training grounds.
  • Tap the button to switch to FPP even while inside a TPP match.
  • The button can be moved and even be disabled in settings.

Classic mode – Healing while moving:

  • Medical items that players can use while moving include: Med Kits, Painkillers, Energy Drinks, Bandages, First Aid Kits, Adrenaline Syringes and some consumables from other modes.
  • Movement speed will be reduced while using consumables.

Classic mode – Healing continuously:

  • Bandages can be used continuously automatically to restore health.

Backpack Ornament:

  • Same ornament is used for Level 1, 2 and 3 backpacks of the same type. –
  • Ornaments sway naturally after they are hung on a backpack.

Spectator tier restrictions:

  • Low-tier players will no longer be able to spectate high-tier players
  • Prevent cheaters from benefiting illegally from this feature.

Friendly fire kill restrictions:

  • Players can choose to prevent the teammate who knocks them out or kills them, from picking up their items in Death Crates.
  • Report a teammate for friendly fire to stop the responsible teammate from performing further actions during the current match.

Slide settings:

  • Added a sliding setting feature.
  • The sliding feature can be enabled/disabled in Settings.
  • Once it is disabled, sliding will not be triggered in Team Deathmatch the actions of Classic mode will be maintained.

Theme Gallery:

  • The Gallery will display resources from the last 2 seasons to make it easier for players to collect and search for things.
  • Players will receive a reward once they collect all items in the Theme Gallery.

Playing again after the match is done:

  • After solo players complete a match, they can invite their teammates to play another game.
  • Those who accept the invitation will return to the Lobby automatically and team up with the player.

Adding friends after the match is done:

  • After completing a match, players can tap and use the Invite Friend feature under their own Avatar in the results page.
  • When the invite friend feature is used, teammates will see the invitations sent by players.
  • Teammates can directly add players as a friend without waiting for the player to verify it again.

Auto-Buffering features:

  • Enable the auto-buffering feature in Settings to automatically detect the combat frame rate.
  • If the frame rate is too low, it will help players lower the graphics quality of the match for smooth combat experience.


  • Added RageGear mode to rooms.

Pack download reward:

  • Added a map download reward guide. Download to collect the corresponding rewards.


  • Added achievements related to the reporting of plug-ins and RageGear.

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