PUBG Hits 2 Million Concurrent Users On Steam

by Sammy Chan
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PUBG rocking that Steam chart!

It’s been only 2 weeks since PUBG hit its milestone of 1.5 million concurrent players. At that point, the game has already exceeded DOTA 2’s record of 1.3 million. Beating their own record by 500,000, PUBG hits 2 million concurrent users on Steam. It is clear that PUBG is far and beyond the most popular massively-multiplayer game on Steam. With the community growing so rapidly, people wonder if the sky is truly the limit for PUBG?

PUBG hits 2 Million

Screengrab from Steam Statistics

Despite achieving big success, their Steam page is still riddled with negative review. Bots and farming accounts are giving the PUBG developers a hard time. There’s also an ongoing problem where people are getting ban for apparently stream sniping. And then there’s the bad servers and poor optimization.
Regardless, PUBG is still continuing to grow in a rather rapid pace. Fortnite recently hit 10 million players thanks to the addition of Battle Royale. It’s just a matter of time before more game of the same genre starts popping up.

PUBG is still going strong

The fact that PUBG hits 2 million CPU  is an impressive feat considering the game’s rating took a plummet when they decided to include in-game ads in the Chinese region. This knocked their ratings down from positive to mixed in Steam. Players believe that ads should not be appearing in the game that has already been paid for and it’s a completely reasonable expectation.
Surprisingly enough, the region that lost the most players was the US. The decline was covered up by the influx of Korean and Chinese players. This could be due to the competition from Fortnite Battle Royale since it is free-to-play. Besides that, the game is available on more platforms including the consoles. PUBG will be getting an Xbox One release sometime next month. PlayStation 4 fans, however, will have to wait a little longer before they get to play.
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