Pokemon GO Moltres Day in September

by Sammy Chan
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It’s going to get extra hot this month in September with Moltres flying by! If you missed your chance to catch Moltres during the raid last year, this is your second chance to add this legendary bird to your roster. Moltres will return for a brief three-hour window on September 8 for Pokemon GO Moltres Day.

What’s so special about this Moltres?

For those who already own Moltres from last summer, don’t sleep on this year’s Moltres Day since there’s a chance to snag a shiny Moltres. One other unique feature about this new Moltres is that you might get a bird with Sky Attack, its signature attack. This might come in handy for other raids. If you need a refresher of what Sky Attack is, here’s a quick explanation. Basically, it is a flying-type two-bar charge attack move with the base power of 80. The fact that Moltres is a fire-flying type Pokemon, having this move in its arsenal is awesome.
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How to beat Moltres?

Not everyone has high-tier Pokemon at their disposal. So, here are a few recommended Pokemon that might help in the battle against this fiery bird. First, you will have to consider the fact that Moltres is a fire-flying type. So now, from basic Pokemon knowledge, what would Fire-type and Flying-type be weak against? Water obviously beats fire but what about flying? Flying-types are weak against thunder and rock. With all this information at hand, try making a team around these characteristics.
Let’s start off with a few easy-to-obtain ones. If you have been playing Pokemon GO for a while, you should have a few Vaporeons at your disposal. Vaporeon is a good pick since it is a Water-type Pokemon. Other Water-type to consider are Blastoise and Starmie.
Besides water-type, your next best bet is rock-type Pokemon. Bring Golem or Tyranitar if you’re lacking on Water-type. Do make sure that they carry a Rock-type attack though. Golem has more of an edge considering it is a rock-ground type, meaning, it has double Stab. Plus, there’s also the fact that Rock-type Pokemon are strong against Flying-type on top of Ground-type being strong against Fire-types. Moltres will feel that in the morning for sure. 
After you’re done building your team, the real challenge comes in the form of finding enough people to take on the challenge. Make sure to join up with your local community so you don’t end up randomly facing Moltres alone.

Other Events in September

Pokemon GO Moltres Day isn’t the only thing that is happening in the month of September! Pokemon GO Community Day for September also features the cute grass Pokemon – Chikorita. For more information on Chikorita, go here.

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