Pokemon Essentials gets removed from the Internet

by Sammy Chan
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Fan games are a variation of the original games created by the most hardcore of fans who just wants to show their love towards a franchise. While some companies do not mind when fans create their own content for a game they have developed, Nintendo however, is one of those who do mind. Just recently Pokemon Essentials was given a slap of reality when Nintendo presented them with a DMCA takedown.

What is Pokemon Essentials?

Pokemon Essentials is an RPG-maker that lets you create your own Pokemon game. They have a wide selection of sprites, sounds, maps and more for you to make your own game. Creative fans who want to contribute their artistic skills to create games can upload their new sprites, maps and everything onto the Wiki. There are also others who prefer to share it in the PokeCommunity forums. Some of the notable Pokemon games that were created using this tool are Pokemon Uranium and Pokemon Insurgence.

Nintendo sends their regards.

Nintendo went straight to the source of the problem — the Wiki. Pokemon fans that want to utilize Pokemon Essentials requires a guide and that guide is the Wiki. The Pokemon Essentials Wiki provides a very detailed tutorial in guiding the fans through their first steps in making their very own Pokemon game. FANDOM, the host of Pokemon Essentials Wiki, confirmed that Nintendo removed all their IP from the site.
It is understandable why the entertainment company is doing this. When you consider the fact that Nintendo will be releasing a new Pokemon game within a couple of months, it just adds up. Then, there’s the new core RPG game that will come out in 2019. Overall, the fans are quite devastated by this move from Nintendo yet, they remain strong. Some of the users in the PokeCommunity forums and Reddit tried to salvage what is left while others were left confused.

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