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To all our Kababayans in the Philippines (especially PlayPark Load users) heads up! PlayPark Load has now switched to Razer Gold. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to Razer Gold, one of which includes a loyalty and reward system called Razer Silver. If all of this seems foregin to you, fret not, as we explain everything below!

PlayPark Load Via LoadCentral And Subchannels Switches To Razer Gold

PlayPark and PlayMall kickstarts the new year with a welcome upgrade! Alongside its partner, LoadCentral and all its subchannels, the platform has now switched to Razer Gold. While the change comes into effect, users should update themselves and learn about these new changes. This is where we come in, as we show you what’s new, and how to tell when the change is in effect:

This is PlayPark’s current PIN format:

SERIAL16-digit Card SerialPLN1234567890123
PASSWORD10-digit PIN password1234567890

Whereas the updated Razer Gold PIN format will look like this:

PIN14-digit PIN12345678901234
SERIAL10-digit Serial6001234567

Now that you know how to tell PlayPark PINs from Razer Gold PINs, here’s how to purchase and top up your Razer Gold, and Playmall account:

Purchasing and topping up Razer Gold Account:

  1. Head to SEAGM’s store page, (link will directly bring you to the Razer Pin section)
  2. Log into your SEAGM account and set your appropriate region. In this case, if you’re from the Philippines, make sure your account region is listed as Philippines. This is so that you can access payment methods available in your country.
  3. Once you have made your purchase, retrieve your Razer Pin Serial Number and PIN from the “My Orders” section.
  4. Login to your Razer Gold Account.
  5. Reload your Razer Gold account using the Razer Gold 14-digit Pin.

Playmall Account Top Up

  1. Log in to your Playmall account then click TOPUP.

2. Select Razer Gold Wallet PH and choose the amount to top up.


3. Logon to your Razer Gold account to complete the purchase and authentication, and you’re done!


There you go, fellow kababayans! Top up your Playmall accounts with Razer Gold in just a few easy steps today! We’ve also got Razer Gold tutorials for our friends from India. So do check it out! We’ll see you in the next tutorial!

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