The New Mobile Legends Hero, Paquito, Sounds Awfully Familiar

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will bring Paquito to the public server January 15. He is a fighter who is also known as the “Heavenly Fist” and sounds an awful lot like Manny Pacquiao, eight-time world division champion AND ambassador for Mobile Legends. This new MLBB Hero is fast, mobile, and damaging making him an aggressive in-your-face duelist. You can unlock this new hero immediate by purchasing MLBB Diamonds with SEAGM.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this new Hero.

The Lore of the mobile legend Paquito

First of all, the “Heavenly Fist” Paquito hails from a small village in Southwest Moniyan. He was soon trained by a mysterious nomad, where he honed great strength and ability to become a powerful and revered fighter. Unfortunately, his mentor fell to the temptations of corrupt power and greed. This eventually led to Paquito biting the hand that fed him and putting an end to his mentor’s corrupted reign.

The results of his training leads to him having powerful skills you can use in battle, such as:

Paquito Skills and Passives:

Passive: Champ Stance
Any damage Paquito deals to enemies grants him stacks. Four stacks grants him “Champ Stance”, and greatly increases his mobility and negates skill cooldown. It comes at a cost of his basic attack dealing only 85% damage.

First Skill: Heavy Left Punch
Paquito deals heavy physical damage in a specified direction. Landing the hit grants him a stackable shield for 2.5 seconds.

Second Skill: Jab
Paquito dashes forth and deals AoE physical damage. It passes through minions and stops upon reaching heroes or creeps. It has a short cooldown of only 4.5 seconds when maxed out and can be reduced further with items.

Ultimate: Knockout Strike
An AoE elbow blow that deals physical damage as well as knocks back opponents. Additionally, it is quickly followed up with a multi-hit physical damage haymaker that slows targets by 75% for 1 second.

mobile legends paquito

Paquito Champ Stance Buffs

Each skill has a buffed version of itself with Paquito’s “Champ Stance”, essentially granting stat bonuses. This makes Paquito a hero that will theoretically excel at outlasting duels and fights as well as deal crippling damage.

Are you interested in playing Paquito in Mobile Legends? Skip the grind and unlock him as fast as you can to outplay the competition! For more on Mobile Legends, check out SEAGM News!

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