How to Pay Without Credit and Debit Card at 7-Eleven – Offline Payment

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In Malaysia, not everyone has the convenience of a credit or debit card. This makes online shopping difficult when you only have cash on you and no access to your bank account. Whether you’re avoiding high e-wallet processing fees or are simply ineligible to apply for a credit or debit card, 7-Eleven provides the perfect offline payment method for your online shopping needs.

How to Pay Cash with 7-Eleven via Offline Payment

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to Pay Cash with 7-Eleven via Offline Payment

  1. Pick out your desired online products on SEAGM’s website
  2. Checkout and click “Buy Now”
  3. Click on the “Offline Payment” tab and select “7-Eleven”
  4. Click “Pay Now”
  5. Double-check your order on the screen, then select “Pay Online” to prompt the barcode to appear
  6. Print out the screen or save the screenshot onto your phone to display to the 7-Eleven cashier. You will also receive an e-mail containing the barcode, just in case.
  7. Head to your nearest 7-Eleven and pay with cash
  8. Take a picture of the receipt and open our customer service support, and share the image of the receipt as proof of purchase
  9. Customer Service will verify your payment and transfer your product to your account.

Visual Guide for Cash Payment at SEAGM

Here’s the step-by-step visual guide on how to make offline cash payments for your desired online products at SEAGM.

offline payment

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Firstly, add all your desired online products to your cart. Once you’re done, hit “Buy Now”.

Proceed as shown:

how to pay with cash

It may be slightly confusing, but here, you have to hit “Pay Online” to generate the bar code. Take note that the bar code will be available for use for 48 hours after being generated.

offline payment

You can print out the screen or wait for an email containing the bar code.

Thank You for Shopping at SEAGM!

For more info on our available products, check out our product website. Have online purchasing methods and want to lower your processing fees? Take a look at our other available payment methods.

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