Overwatch Roadhog Changes Patch 1.12.0

by Sammy Chan
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Image via Overwatch

Fans of Roadhog are not happy with the recent changes in the PTR update. In Patch 1.12.0, Roadhog now has a smaller head hitbox, and a revamped gun. His Scrap Gun now deals 33% less damage, but fires 30% faster, and has a clip size of 5 instead of 4. Blizzard has mentioned that the changes are meant to balance out Roadhog, so that squishy targets are no longer punished so hard they have to wait for respawn every time a Roadhog looks accurately in their general direction.
Here’s a visual comparison on the changes:

Image via Overwatch

The Scrap Gun changes are what caused a major … reaction in the Roadhog fan base, where many who enjoyed his slow-moving one shot tank playstyle are upset. Some claimed that with the new rate of fire, it messes up Roadhog’s “rhythm” and he is no longer the crawling tank that one-shots squishy targets that the fans have fallen in love with. The squishy mains however, are jumping in joy because the hook is no longer a death sentence.
Of course, the patch has yet to be finalised, so regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, don’t hold your breath.

Here comes Angry Allen’s review of the changes (Roadhog mains beware):

Personally, I welcome this change. I don’t understand why Roadhog fans are whining about the changes made to him. Sure he’s no longer OP against squishy targets anymore, but in any game if there is a character that can one shot other character, it’s unhealthy gameplay and will lead to gamer frustrations. Don’t give me the “oh then you shouldn’t have let Roadhog catch you then”, the matter of fact is that the character can one shot, and there’s no way to prevent it yourself is what frustrates many players.
With the nerf, it allows squishy targets to have a chance of escaping, which essentially allows players to have a “push and pull” gameplay, where it’s not one sided in a 1v1 situation. Also, the main audience of this game plays it for it’s team based modes, so stop whining about how you’ll now have to work with others to “actually kill someone”. In simpler terms, it’s more Balanced.
The Overwatch team is not making these changes for the sake of screwing over Roadhog mains. They have probably looked through countless forums, invested hours and hours to tweaking each and every one of the 24 heroes so that the gameplay is as balanced as it can be. Besides, metas shift in games all the time, you can learn to shift with the tides or get swept away.

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