Life is Strange Prequel leaked

by Sammy Chan
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Adventures with Chloe Price and Rachel Amber

Image via Anonymous

Earlier today, a French video game website known as Gamekult, looked into the source code of Deck Nine Game’s website and leaked a series of screenshots.  Though the website has gone offline since the leak, but an anonymous user managed to upload the screenshot onto Imgur. The leaks feature pre-rebel Chloe and the best friend we never got to meet – Rachel Amber.

Life is Strange – Prequel Leaks

In the series of screenshots, a particular image of a burning tree stood out, foreshadowing the involvement of something supernatural.There are multiple screenshots of Rachel and Chloe together and one ominous shot of Chloe standing in front of an oncoming train.
Life is Strange is an episodic game that came in 5 parts featuring a supernatural slice-of-life story revolving around the life of Max Caulfield initially developed by Dontnod Entertainment alongside publisher Square Enix but it seems like Deck Nine Games might be taking over the production for the prequel. Last month, Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix announced that they are working on a sequel to Life is Strange hence the prequel looks to be an entirely separate project.
Previously known as Idol Minds, Deck Nine Games recently rebranded itself to take on it’s next project. In regards to they rebranding, they released the following statement:

Deck Nine have signed a partnership deal with a leading AAA videogame publisher and are deep in development on their first title, a brand new addition to a critically acclaimed franchise. More info will be revealed about this narrative adventure game at E3 in June.

Sounds like their next project might just be the prequel to Life is Strange. We will keep this post updated when further information has been released.

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