New Overwatch Patch Officially Releases Brigitte And Combats Toxicity

by Sammy Chan
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The new Overwatch patch brings in changes to the roster. Yep, you know who she is. Hero 27 is Brigitte Lindholm, the valiant squire, and daughter of our favorite engineer, Torbjorn. Other changes include some tweaks to Moira’s skill graphics and a small nerf on Sombra and Zenyatta. Here’s a summarized rundown of some of the bigger changes.

New Hero: Brigitte Lindholm

If you haven’t already been into PTR to try her out, you’ll get your chance soon. Brigitte is an engineer, like Torbjorn but she specializes in armors. She’s a tanky support hero equipped with the utility to fight alongside her teammates in the front line. In the lore, she’s Reinhardt’s squire but she’s since turned into a hero.

Hero Changes

Zenyatta (Nerfed):
Zenyatta’s secondary fire rate is getting a 15% speed reduction. This means it’s going to take a little while longer to charge up his burst attack. I think we all know the feeling of peeking our head out from another the corner to eat 5 Zenyatta balls to the face.
Moira (Graphical Change):
Transparency adjusted for Moira’s skills depending on her range. Her Biotic Grasp, Coalescence, and Fade now have increased transparency the closer you are to target.
Reaper (Buffed):
Reaper’s ult (Deathfire Blossom) now reloads his gun after use. His Wraith Form movement speed has been increased from 25% to 50% now. You can also cancel out of Wraith Form by firing your primary weapon or pressing Shift again.
Mei (Buffed):
Mei’s Endothermic Blaster has been buffed. If you thought Mei was annoying before, she’s going to be impossible to deal with now. Now, Mei’s gun is capable of piercing enemies. this means that she can freeze more than one enemy at a time. So if you’re clumped up together and there’s an enemy Mei close by, you’ll all probably get frozen.
D.Va (Nerfed):
Her micro missiles’ explosive damage has been nerfed from 6 to 4. This just means that her attacks won’t affect as big of a radius as it does now.


The “Avoid as Teammate” option is now available for the players you’ve played with or against. This is a quality of life improvement for the game. Especially if you encounter a toxic player, not only can you report them, by selecting “Avoid as Teammate” you won’t have to encounter them for a week.
That’s all we have for you. If you want a more detailed look at the patch, visit the official Blizzard Forums.

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