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by Sammy Chan
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Based on the comic, The Darkness II is a role-playing first-person shooter game that brings out the dark side of yours. It’s not like your typical shooter, you not only wield weapons, you also wield supernatural powers under the right conditions. Check it out at Humble Bundle now if you’re convinced! But decide quickly because there’s not only a limit amount of time to claim the code but also a limited number of copies! You will need a steam account to redeem this.

What Is The Darkness II

As the name suggests, it’s the sequel to The Darkness from 2007. The first game was console exclusive and never made it to PC. The second game, however, was announced in 2011 and developed for all platforms. I like my shooters on the PC anyway.
Like in the first one, you play as Jackie Estacado who is unable to get over the death of his girlfriend despite having avenged her. His pent-up powers and an attack by a mysterious organization makes for a seriously badass comeback. Jackie returns, stronger than ever.
The game is also a narrative. Follow Jackie in the campaign as he fights to uncover the mystery behind the people trying to kill him. Immerse yourself in the story written exclusively by Paul Jenkins, the author who as also worked on The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine.
Harness the powers of the Demon Arms. Their powers become yours when you shroud yourself in darkness. So it’s up to you to use your surroundings to get the best out of your attacks. Keep in time that this game is almost 6 years old so the graphics are not going to look as advanced but the story makes it worth playing now. Also, this just means that you won’t need a top-notch graphics card in order to enjoy the game!


9/10 (4,000+ reviews) – Steam
8/10 – IGN
77% – Metacritic
3/5 – Common Sense Media
7/10 – Gamespot

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