Blizzard Releases Overwatch Legendary Edition

by Sammy Chan
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Overwatch’s second anniversary is around the corner and to celebrate this milestone, Blizzard has announced that there is going to be a new version of the game. The Overwatch Legendary Edition will launch on May 22 together with the anniversary celebratory event. Here are some details on the Legendary Edition.

What’s in Overwatch Legendary Edition?

First off, let’s talk about everybody’s favorite thing – skins. Besides the base game, the Legendary Edition will also include 15 skins. Though Blizzard did not specify which skins, they did confirm that it comes with sets of Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins. The new edition will most probably include cosmetics for other Blizzard games too since the Game of the Year Edition did.
Blizzard’s focus with this new edition, are new players. With new skins ready to go, new players won’t feel so “naked” when they jump into a match. However, if you’re a big fan and wants to collect the game, feel free to pick up a copy! The price of the new edition has not been confirmed yet. We’re guessing it’ll cost approximately what the GOTY edition did, $ 59.99.
If you’re unsure about this pricey purchase, then you’re in luck. There’s a free weekend happening next week from May 25 to May 28. This means you get to participate in the Anniversary event! There’ll be new skins and cosmetic plus the revival of previous¬†Brawl modes on top of a new map. Your progress can be carried over to the full version if you did make the purchase. If the Legendary Edition turns out too pricey, you can always pick up the Standard edition for $39.99!
Though, if you’re from South East Asia, let us hook you up with a good deal at SEA Gamer Mall here. Pick up the GOTY edition for MYR 157 instead of the full price of MYR 240! It’s the global version and can be used in any country with the exception of Russia, Brazil, and China.

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