Overwatch Doomfist Confirmed

by Sammy Chan
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New Overwatch Lore Release Confirms Doomfist to The Roster


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

First it was the unidentified specimen let loose on the Horizon Lunar Colony and now it’s Doomfist!
A very recent released by the official Blizzard website pretty much confirms what fans have been waiting for. The man who owns the gauntlet we’ve all escorted in the Numbani map, Doomfist. And his name? Akande Ogundimu.
And can I just say– FINALLY!
Every since the release of the very first Overwatch cinematic trailer, Doomfist has been a title without a face, a weapon without an owner. The boy in the trailer, gushing over Doomfist’s gauntlet, saying that “he could level a skyscraper”
Well, we’re taking your word for it, kid. Because he’s never shown up! 2 years later and Blizzard finally throws us a bone. And though, all we really got was a name, Blizzard finally broke radio silence on topics regarding Doomfist. At least that’s something.

What We Know So Far


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To catch you up on all the lore surrounding the attack on Numbani we’ve summarized the events to bullet points and arranged them in chronological order:

  • Doomfist is a gauntlet is passed down from generation to generation.
  • The current Doomfist owner is ‘The Successor’ a.k.a Akande Ogundimu.
  • Doomfist was defeated by Winston, who used Primal Rage to neutralize Ogundimu.
  • Helix Security has Ogundimu in custody.
  • Talon sent an unidentified aircraft to the prison facility where Doomfist in being held.
  • Talon may have a mole within Helix Security, who authorized the landing of the aircraft.
  • The Reaper, killed over a dozen Helix agents before breaking Ogundimu out.
  • Next, they landed in Numbani airport where they clashed with the OR-15 security bots.
  • Ogundimu ultimately defeats them, hence we see them littered all over the attacking spawn point in the game.
  • Ogundimu retrieves the Doomfist and he’s currently loose in the Overwatch universe.
  • Child prodigy Efi Oladele wins a grant which she uses to fund for the remodeling of a new Numbani guardian.
  • Using old OR-15 shells and her newly invented technology, she creates Orisa, a security protocol bot with a heart for helping and protecting.

Terry Crews Voicing Doomfist?

Image via Youtube

This may have been the trigger that snapped everyone’s attention onto Doomfist. Terry Crews entered the gaming scene to bond with his son and soon enough, he garnered an interest in Overwatch. After an interview with Yahoo Esports, they uploaded a mock audition of Terry Crews voicing fanmade Doomfist lines and it blew up in social media.
So far, his role as Doomfist has not been confirmed by Blizzard. However, fans have their fingers crossed as they await further announcement.
For more detailed information of the lore released, check out the Blizzard website.

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