Shadow Of Mordor Free To Play On Xbox One And PC

by Sammy Chan
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Shadow of Mordor is now free to try starting from today until July 9. With Shadow of War around the corner, curious players who haven’t played the game yet can check this out. It is completely free on Xbox One and PC at the moment.
If you happen to enjoy the game, it is currently significantly discounted. For a limited time, you can get the Game of the Year edition for only $4 from Xbox One or Steam from now until July 17 and July 11 respectively. PlayStation 4 on the other hand, has the same version marked down to $6 until July 11.

Nemesis Forge

In addition, developer Monolith released the Nemesis Forge update today for PlayStation 4, Windows Pc and Xbox One. The key feature of the update is that it will now allow players to export their highest ranking nemesis and ally to the sequel. Cosmetics like armor, scars, and marks that were acquired in players’ current playthrough of Shadow of Mordor will be ported together.
Shadow of War will be expanding the Nemesis System, hosting new features. The game is currently set to launch on October 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows Pc.

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