Overcooked 2 Trailer and Pre-order Bonus!

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Overcooked 2 is coming this 8 August. Get your aprons and frying pans ready for an even more intense cooking experience. Overcooked 2 recently showed their trailer and their pre-order bonus. What is even more exciting is that compared to its predecessor, Overcooked 2 will finally have online multiplayer which was not available in the first one. Overcooked 2 will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, Steam (PC), and Nintendo Switch.

Screengrab via Team17

What is Overcooked 2?

Overcooked 2 takes you back to the Onion Kingdom where you have saved the world from the Ever Peckish. But a new threat has arisen so you will need to assemble your best chefs to fend off the starving Undead.

Screengrab via Steam

New Online Multiplayer!

Back in the previous Overcooked, there was only local co-op which was kind of frustrating as you will need friends to come over to play. No worries, in this new title, it is finally possible to play with your friends online.

Screengrab via Steam

New game mechanics!

  • You may now throw your ingredients to your fellow chefs or even straight into the fan/blender/floor.
  • There are even moving walkways, controllable platforms, and portals in the game now.

More info regarding the game can be seen on their official site.

Pre-Order Overcooked 2 now!

There is never enough chefs around. That is why if you pre-order the game, you will receive an extra 5 chefs to help out in the kitchen. In this Too Many Cooks! pack you will receive the Monkey Chef, Calico Cat Chef, Walrus Chef, Purple Alien Chef as well as the Unicorn Chef.

Screengrab via Steam

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To get your cooking groove on, check out their trailer below.

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