Nintendo Smash Bros. Ultimate broadcast in partnership with ELEAGUE

by Sammy Chan
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ELEAGUE will be working with Nintendo to bring you a series that will be aired on national television. The Nintendo Smash Bros. Ultimate tv series will be divided into three parts. The focus will be around the Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational 2018 that was held at E3 earlier this year. More information will be released later in the month before the broadcast happens in November this year.
Previously, Nintendo had always been reluctant in showing support to the esports side of Smash Bros. The Japanese developer has always seen it as a casual game for family and friends to enjoy. They had difficulty in accepting it as a competitive game as seen in their lack of esports initiatives. Therefore, seeing Nintendo working to get esports Smash Bros. on TV is a good, big change in their stance. This news will be great for fans since prior to this, there was only a handful of few available venues to watch competitive Smash Bros. matches. With the obvious being Twitch, of course.

nintendo smash bros. ultimate

Playable characters of Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Smash Bros. Ultimate for all to see

With the Smash Bros. Ultimate set for release on December 7 this year, just weeks after the series is aired on TV. This is a good marketing strategy for the game as it lets people see the game and how it’s played competitively. Despite all the talks on how Nintendo being reluctant to support esports, last year they worked with Evolution Championship Series (Evo). The largest fighting game tournament in the world had Smash Bros. for Wii U 2017 top 8 broadcasted on Disney XD and ESPN.
So far we haven’t really seen any announcements on Smash Bros. Ultimate events. Considering the partnership that was done with ELEAGUE, maybe we’ll be able to see the first Smash Bros. Ultimate hosted by them? All in all, what do you think of the move by Nintendo to partner up with ELEAGUE? Give your thoughts on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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