'PSN Name Change' is in A Lot of talks

by Sammy Chan
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PSN was launched way back in November 2006. Back then, I was only a ten-year-old child who still secretly watched Barney. You can probably guess that I made a pretty embarrassing PSN ID back then. So embarrassing, in fact, that I’m too ashamed to reveal it even 12 years later. I was lucky enough to have quickly come to my sense and delete the account without having anything important on it, as I was squatting my uncle’s PlayStation 3 at the time. No no self-bought digital games and more importantly, no crucial Platinum trophy I lost sleep over getting. I had no trouble going through a PSN name change.
For others, the situation may not be as fortunate though. Imagine naming your online ID named GamerOtaku555,  or johnnypoopiepants, or a name reminisce of your sad emo days. Now, imagine that as the years go by, you achieve 31 platinum trophies, climb up all the way to level 27, having the limited-time-download Playable Teaser (or P.T.). You look back at the success and greatness of your account and realize, you don’t want to identify as an otaku. But alas, it is too little, too late. That will soon change, though, as several people are hinting towards integration of the much desired feature. These talks seem more substantial and reliable as compared to when this rumor popped up way back in 2016.

PSN Name Change

I can finally change from “wooglet” to “Eri Gaito”

Who’s Talking about the PSN name change?

Kotaku reports that three different developers, for multiplayer games specifically, told them that they are preparing for the PSN name changes to arrive soon. In the past few months, they have been tweaking their games to align with Sony’s plans. There is also a fourth person, who shared a photo of internal Sony documentation. This photo shows a PSN profile containing the option “edit username.” You can read Kotaku‘s full story here, but let’s take a look at this next leak first.
VG24/7 reports that a source close to Sony revealed information regarding the seemingly pointless PlayStation 4 update 6.00. Contrary to our impressions of just finding a way to overcome piracy, the latest firmware update actually lays the groundwork for the name change implementation. You can read their full story here.
All in all, everyone’s stories do seem to be lining up well. PS Vita also had a seemingly pointless “3.69” software update, but maybe that’s to accommodate for the upcoming feature as well. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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[…] ‘PSN Name Change’ is in A Lot of talks […]

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