New Oasis and Coastal Maps, are coming to COD Mobile with Season 3: Tokyo Escape

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New maps, new weapons, new perk, game modes, and a new Battle Pass. Strap yourselves in, as COD Mobile’s latest Season 3 will be taking you to Dubai, and a Tokyo Escape! 

Season 3: Tokyo Escape

Following up on where we left off in the previous season, Shepherd and Price now have their sights on Japan, specifically Tokyo. The new season also brings with it a ton of new features, and 50 tiers of new earnable rewards across the awesome Battle Pass. We bring you up to speed with everything from A-Z below. Read on.

New Maps

There are 2 maps which have been confirmed for Season 3: Tokyo Escape.

Coastal | Source: Call of Duty: Mobile Youtube Channel
  • Coastal: A small map specially designed for Search & Destroy, and multiplayer games. A mixture of indoors and outdoors. Currently available in the chinese variant of the game.
Oasis | Source: Call of Duty: Mobile Youtube Channel
  • Oasis: inspired from a Dubai upmarket, and as seen in Modern Warfare 3, the Oasis map makes its debut on the mobile platform.

There’s also another map called Monastery, which is also live on the Chinese Beta version of COD Mobile. BUT with two new maps already being introduced in the upcoming season, it’s probably safe to assume that they’re saving this one for the following season. But for those curious about the gameplay, to quote an article from, it looks a little like the sort of gameplay you’ll find in the current Tunisia map. 

New Weapons

Next up, new weapons. They’ve been teased all over the official Twitter page, and the two weapons teased are none other than:

PP19 Bizon SMG – Regarded by some as the most unstoppable SMG in Modern Warfare. If things were to follow suit, we’d see the Bizon as a favourite, especially with its severe damage and high fire rate. Above all, easy recoil control.  

Renetti – A burst fire handgun that’s a favourite secondary amongst players. If you are wondering why it’s a favourite, try it, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

One more thing to add on, is a brand new Overclock Perk, which increases the speed of Operator Skill recharges.

New Game Modes

With the arrival of its latest Season: Tokyo Escape, There’s a chance we’ll see a Swords & Stones mode, where players will have to fight it out with only melee weapons and grenades. You know, because we don’t find Samurai’s wielding guns right? Ironic, as there are grenades, But let’s pretend they’re rocks that blow up anyways!

Apart from the whole Ghost of Tsushima experience COD is trying to deliver here, there’s also Night Mode which, if you didn’t know already, involves Night Vision Goggles. And for all you Zombie enthusiasts, Zombie mode is confirmed to be returning! Just not now. “Later in the Year”. So expect it, just not in Season 3.

Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s talk about Battle Pass rewards. Firstly: 

  • Battle Pass Free Tiers: Unlock the new bull Charge Operator Skill, and start ramming down your opponents. Once you’re done with that, get yourself that brand new PP19 Bizon SMG we were talking about earlier at Tier 21. There are also other rewards, including a Samurai Tuna Charm, a Samurai Chop Calling Card, the Severed Camo Series and much more.
  • Premium Pass Tiers: Upon purchasing a Battle Pass, players automatically get the newest operator: Hidora Kai – The Boss, as well as a Type 25 Oni, a Showdown Calling Card, and a Hannya Charm. But it doesn’t end there, as there are COD Points, the Card Armor camo series, and way of the Sword emote to be grabbed as you progress along.

New Battle Royale Class

Too much air traffic? The latest class being introduced into the mix are “Spotters!”, aka Anti-aircraft Specialists. The preview is already in the game for you to see.


Of course, with every new iteration, there are bound to be new events to keep the heat up. For Season 3, fight, conquer, and defend your Honor in the Warrior’s Path Event. Join your allies, acquire new territories, and reap the rewards. To sum it up, the event will run for 15 days, with one territory being up for grabs every 24 hours.

How does Warrior’s Path work?

There will be different tasks assigned to each territory. The territory will be owned by the faction with the most points. There are EIGHT Epic Rewards, one Legendary Calling Card, and more than 10 Rare weapon camos, characters , and so much more. 

Are you as psyched as we are for Season 3: Tokyo Escape? Well, head on over to SEAGM right now and get your COD Mobile CP’s early! We’ll see you on the battlefield soldier!

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