Free Fire Clash Squad Season 6 – Rewards And What’s New

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Free Fire Clash Squad Season 6 starts on April 15, 2021, at 1700hrs SGT. It will reset ranks from Season 5 and subsequently feature new rewards, a dynamic store, a new map, and a Dynamic Playzone.

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Free Fire Clash Squad Changes

Bermuda Remastered now available in Classic, Casual and Rank Clash Squad modes.

The Character system now gets a massive rework:

  • New character interface,
  • Cheaper cost to level up characters (no Diamond and Gold required)
  • Awakening character skill now combines with original character skill

Additionally, the maximum level cap is now lowered from 8 to 6.

In regards to that, several characters are undergoing balance changes. Namely Chrono, Wukong, Rafael, Hayato “Firebrand”, A124 Misha, Olivia, and Maxim. There are also two new characters in the roster: Maro and Xayne. Additionally, there is now a new weapon, the “Kord”.

In terms of gameplay systems, the Vending Machine and Revival Point systems left such a good impression that they will become more prominent in this new season. Consequently, Revival Point and Vending Machines are now available on all maps, and the Vending Machine location will now be visible on the map.

The Dynamic Playzone is intended to shift the current META of Free Fire matches. Each circle will now be slightly different each round to prevent players from camping the center of the circle.

Training Ground Changes

The Boxing Ring is now available in The Training Grounds. Additionally, the Training Grounds have also undergone a few optimizations:

  • Added rankings for the Target Arcade.
  • Players can now add each other as friends in the Social Zone.
  • Lowered weapon sound for the Social Zone.
  • Added battle stats in the Combat Zone.

These are the main changes coming alongside the introduction of Free Fire Clash Squad Season 6. For the full list of changes, including weapon adjustments, visit Free Fire Garena’s official page. As for everything else Free Fire, keep it here at SEAGM News.

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