NA LCS Summer Split Week 2 Rundown

by Sammy Chan
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TSM Not On Top?

It’s been a topsy-turvy week and here’s how our teams performed:

Screenshot from LoL Esports Website

Loading into week 2, you’d think that players would’ve had the chance to review game footage and tweak their mistakes and the leaders would start to break out from the bunch by now.
The heat of the summer must be getting to these teams because no one is following the script! This week, the games transition from high-action straight to mayhem.
Expectations mean nothing to Dignitas as this team go from mediocre to giant slayers in their win against TSM. The TSM star mid-laner Bjergsen expressed his thoughts about the chaotic split for his team via Twitter

And he’s not wrong. The fact that these teams are showing up in the split now comes to show that it’s really anyone’s game at this point. Out of 10 matchups, 6 of them went up to 3 games. These teams are so close in skill, most of their games are just a test of who will crumble first under pressure.
Echo Fox, the hero of week 1 goes 0-2 this week, losing to CLG and then to C9. Their secret scrim strategy with Delta Fox seems to be just a quick fix for the team.
All in all, the teams performed well this week. But the best game of the week has to go to Game 1 of Echo Fox vs Cloud 9. With a match time of 65 minutes and a chart that looks like this:

Note: Echo Fox on Blue side. Cloud9 on Red side.
A roller coaster of emotions and the most appropriate representation of the split thus far.
Cloud9 went on to secure the second game and fans welcome back Impact to the starting line with open arms. C9 is back in the game!
Let’s not forget the matchup of the week:

Image from YouTube

Their rivalry spans back to ancient times and their fans stuck in perpetual twitch chat war, these two teams did not disappoint to bring on the old school thunder in every sense. Unfortunately for CLG fans, this was not their series as TSM were able to secure the final win.
This doesn’t mean we won’t be looking forward to the next time these team meet again. Appropriately scheduled on the last day of the season– August 7.
That’s all the interesting tidbits for this week, stay tuned for week 3!
For more information about the game stats, visit the LoL Esports website

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